Tips for Toddler Birthday Party During Coronavirus Lockdown

We all have dreams and plans on how we want to celebrate our little ones each birthday. Coronavirus lockdown has forced us to change our way of life. The current situation has postponed a lot of celebrations, vacations, etc. Irrespective of how crazy the outside world is, we are still trying our best to keep things sane for our kids. Birthdays are for celebration, and we cannot allow the lockdown to dull any moment of happiness. Moreover, it is amazing how little kids need. Mostly, it is adults who complicate things. With lots of love and a little creativity, I was able to plan a super fun birthday for Aurav, and I want to share it with my readers. The following are my tips for a toddler birthday party during Coronavirus lockdown.

Birthday hats, snacks and cake on a table. Decoration of birthday party

Let Toddlers Decide What They Want on Birthday

I still can’t believe Aurav is three years old! He is old enough to understand what birthdays are. He knows there will be a cake, friends, and gifts on his birthday. He practically helped me plan his entire birthday. Small things like balloons of their favorite cartoon characters or unique decoration items can amp up their excitement. I was paying extra attention to what is his favorite cartoon these days. IT happened to be Thomas the Engine. It automatically became the theme of his birthday party. 

Image of the Thomas the Engine Birthday Cake.

Buy Toddler Birthday Supplies and Gift Online

I have spoken in my previous posts about how grateful for online shopping services and people who are working round the clock to deliver goods. Online is the best and safest way of shopping these days. The birthday decoration supplies, clothes, shoes, and Aurav’s gifts were purchased online. I placed the order a month in advance so that even if there are delays in delivery, it won’t affect celebrations. Everyone’s safety should be the priority while planning birthdays or any other party during coronavirus lockdown. 

Decorate the Home with Kids Favorite Cartoon Characters

Aurav was ecstatic to see all the Thomas decorations in the morning. Frankly, looking back, I feel he would have been happy with just the balloons. Kids have the purest hearts of all. If you want to throw Thomas The Engine Birthday for your little one, check out the following items I ordered. They were all gorgeous, and Aurav loved them.

Thomas The Engine Birthday Balloons

Image of Thomas the Engine Birthday Balloons
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Thomas The Engine Birthday Candles 

Thomas the Engine Birthday cake candles
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Thomas the Engine Birthday Banner and Supplies

Thomas the Engine Birthday Party Supplies
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Balloon Inflator Portable Pumps

Electric of balloon inflator for birthday parties
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Automatic Bubble Maker

Image of automatic bubble making machine for kids birthday parties
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Plan a Virtual Birthday Party

Kids these days understand the virtual world better than anyone of us. It is what they have seen from the day they are born. I asked Aurav who all he wants to invite for his birthday party, and he had his list ready. I planned a zoom call with everyone, and we cut his birthday cake with everyone on the video call. 

Our family and friends are scattered all over the world. Video calls are an everyday thing for us. He was so excited to see everyone on the video call and loved telling them about his birthday cake. I would have loved to have sugar crazy little kiddos running all over my place on his birthday, but during coronavirus lockdown, this is the best we can do.

Birthday Treasure Hunt for Toddlers

One of my closest friends suggested planning a treasure hunt for Aurav. I wondered how to plan a treasure hunt for a three-year-old, but she gave me super easy ideas. Although Aurav found all the gifts, I had hidden way before we cut the cake. Lol. I was terrible at hiding them. But it is a great idea. 

Image of a kid holding a balloon in a birthday party in the backyard.

Plan a Nature Hike or a Day on the Beach on Birthday 

We planned our virtual birthday party and cake cutting in the morning. Cakes, toddlers, and evenings don’t do well together. Lol. We wanted to take Aurav out to the beach during the second half of the day. We checked out three beaches before we could find a less crowded place, where we could easily practice social distancing. For the evening, we built sandcastles and chill at the lakeshore. It was a perfect end to a perfect day. If you have options to be outdoors while taking precautions, beaches, hikes, etc. are loved by all kids. 

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Even as the lockdown is opening up all over, but we are still cautious. The Health and well-being of the family comes first. I hope everything goes back to normal as soon as possible, but if you are being careful like us and have your little one’s birthday coming up, I hope this blog helps you plan a fantastic fun-filled birthday for your baby.

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