My Ten Most Favorite Essential Oils

Living under a Coronavirus lockdown, being healthy is everyone’s topmost priority. Living a mindful and holistic life has never been more critical. We have to bring conscious changes to our lifestyle—changes that are good for us and our environment. Essential oils are a small but mighty step in bringing a positive difference in our lifestyles. Today I am sharing My Ten Most Favorite Essential Oils.

My Essential Oils Journey

I have always loved how different natural fragrances evoke different emotions in us. Born in an Indian household, I grew up smelling beautiful incense burning in our home every morning. But, the smoke of incense sticks has always bothered me. Growing up, the love for incense sticks turn into diffusing essential oils. It was only after I got pregnant and extremely uncomfortable in my last trimester that I realized essential oils are much more than just diffusing and making your house smell good. My love and passion for essential oils grew from there, and there has been no looking back.

I have been using essential for headaches, joints & muscle aches, skincare, cough & cold for both me and Aurav, clam myself, reduce stress, and overall boost my immunity.

Why One Needs Essential Oils?

Natural home remedies have been part of my upbringing. I have loved all herbal concoctions my mom used to prepare whenever we fell sick, or boost our immunity. If you fall ill, you have to go to a doctor, but the goal here is to have strong immunity. To be strong and healthy by natural means. For me, a perfect blend of essential oils and herbs in my day to day life a key for healthy living.

We should not restrict the use of essential oils to just one spa day in two months. Using essential oils daily can help us with mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Essential oils have been part of my daily life for the last three years, and I have finally decided to share my journey with everyone because this is the time. We all are worried about our families and their health. Now is the time to take advantage of the ancient ayurvedic sciences and natural remedies to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

The following is the list of my ten most favorite essential oil. 

Lavender Essential Oil

The lavender essential oil was the first oil I ever used. It is perfect for calming your nerves and fills up the house with a beautiful aroma. Lavender is knowns for creating a soothing environment for sound sleep and overall calmness in the home. Lavender is also a staple in my skincare regime. One has to be very careful before applying the essential oils on the skin. There is a reason it is called a beginner’s essential oil. This one is the best way to start.

Image of the sun setting over a lavender farms.

Clary Sage Essential Oil

I don’t know what I will do without Clary Sage! This is the essential oil I use for minor kitchen cuts, bruises, or burns. I get severe anxiety and mood swings during PMS, especially post-pregnancy. Somedays, I just don’t feel myself. Exercise, along with creating a fantastic blend with Clary Sage, is my go-to solution. Plus, diffusing Clary Sage, helps you cleanse and purify the house environment naturally.

Copaiba Essential Oil

Copaiba is the oil that helped me reduce the stretch marks and a few blemishes on the face from a long struggle with acne. I had also used Copaiba for my son when he was teething. It used to instantly calm him down. If you want to know more about how to use it, we can get connected personally. Copaiba is produced by the skillful distillation of the Copaifera Reticulata tree, native to the Amazon region. Natives have been using the therapeutic properties of the tree since the early 16th century.  

Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil

I love hiking, running, and exercising. I wish I had known about this oil when I was a kid and an active sportsperson. This oil is perfect for sprains, muscle aches, and helps a great deal in reducing arthritis pains as well—basically, one oil ideal for all age groups. If you have an active lifestyle or an elderly at home, this oil is a great addition.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense is my magical beauty oil. So many friends have complimented me on my skin in the last few years. A lot of them have asked how do I still have even skin tone post-pregnancy. The answer is the frankincense essential oil. I plan to share a few skincare regimes and recipes in the future with this particular oil.

A young woman applying skin serum made of essential oils
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German Chamomile Essential Oil

As someone who has suffered the humiliation and bias due to acne for a significant part of her life, german Chamomile is a life savior. If you use a lot of make-up or suffer from acne, have occasional boils, then German Chamomile is the oil to buy. German Chamomile essential oil also helps reduce inflammation, and help you sleep peacefully.

Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli is when I am missing home. It has a sensual, musky, earthy aroma to it—perfect oil to diffuse for a calm and romantic evening with your husband. Also, if you want to eternally smell good, you should add it to your bath. You can thank me later.  

Image of Patchouli essential oil by Young Living.

Peppermint Essential Oil

This one oil has uncountable benefits. It creates a fantastic environment that produces a focused environment when diffused. These days we are all working from home and older kids attending school from homes. This is the oil that helps in creating a conducive environment. Peppermint is a blessing for people like me who often get blinding headaches or have digestive issues. It is a natural way to calm your skin after spending a long day in the sun.

Sacred Sandalwood Essential Oil

The secret ingredient of the Indian ayurvedic skincare ritual is sandalwood. The tree is considered so pure it is offered to the gods. I can write about the health and beauty advantages of sandalwood for a whole day, and it won’t be enough—perfect fragrance to start your day. I often use it for praying and for calmness in the house.

Wintergreen Essential Oil

Different essential oils have different effects on us. Some help us calm down and unwind after a long day, others help us elevate our moods and spirit. Wintergreen is the elevating essential oil. A drop on your wrists before you have an important meeting or an interview can uplift your spirits. Plus, it is a must-have oil for postnatal care. As moms, we are up and about every single day—no rest for us. I often massage with wintergreen and the base oil of my choice at the end of the day. All the soreness and pain go away by the gentle rub.

An image of essential oil. The text on the image says my ten most favorite essential oils.

Most of the time, we fall sick because we are too tired or stressed, and our bodies just can’t take it anymore. A little bit of change in our lifestyle can be a great foundation to have a healthy life. We need to take care of ourselves before we take care of anyone else in the family. Essential oils are a small but necessary step forward in living a more holistic lifestyle. If you are interested in knowing more feel free to email me at

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