The Perfect Toddler Arts and Crafts Supplies List

We all know how difficult it is to keep the energizer bunny/toddler in your house busy and entertained. Whenever I check google and Pinterest for activity ideas, they used to leave me even more confused. On top of it, we moms, burden ourselves with the guilt of not doing enough. If you have been going through the same, then I feel you because I am you! When the lockdown started, I just didn’t know where to start. Therefore, I did a lot of hard work and research. Which I want to share with all my mommy friends out there. The first step to doing fun activities is having sufficient Art and Craft Supply. I will be sharing the perfect toddler arts and crafts supplies list.

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Coronavirus Lockdown has changed everything about our lives. These are challenging times that means creative measures. In this blog post, I would like to share the fruits of my hard work and research. Hopefully, it will help you save some time. This list will give you a starting point and help you plan new, unique, and fun activities for your toddler daily. So, let’s get cracking.

Sensory Boxes Supply List

Kinetic Sand 

Kinetic Sand is absolutely natural and one of the best ways to introduce the sensory play to kids. It is suitable for all age groups. Imaginative play is one of the vital milestone developments in any toddler. Watching Aurav playing with kinetic sand always surprises me, he is making new things every time. It is a must-have in your art and craft supply list.

Epsom Salt

 For sensory boxes, I love using natural products that don’t have any harmful effects on our little ones. Epsom Salts are the natural and excellent way of creating sensory boxes. Add food colors to give them different looks and create other areas. From green pastures to marine life, you can make anything.

Corn Starch

It is a critical ingredient in making all things gooey. Toddlers are messy, and they love the mess. Corn starch’s texture makes it a fun item on our art and craft list.

Image of a toddler playing with grand and marbles in a sensory box activities.
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Play Dough

You can make the dough at home or buy from the store. You can give them different colors by using food color at home, but I don’t like to add to my workload. Therefore, I always have Play-Doh in a large stock at home.


Use clay to create imaginative forests or a busy city road. The possibilities are endless. Playing with clay develops gross motor skills in kids.

Food Color

Organic food colors are a great way of adding fun to DIY activities. Food colors come in pretty handy if you want to make rainbow rice, colorful dough, or slime. Hence, they are on our ultimate list of toddler art and craft supplies.

Animal Toy Figures

 Imaginative play is essential for toddlers. When you mix imaginative play with sensory play for toddlers, the results are sensational. Toddlers love it. There is a wide variety of animal figures available. You can pick from jungle or wildlife, farm animals, or marine life.

Crafts Supply List

Kids Safe Scissors

I cannot emphasize enough to add kids’ safe scissors to the list of toddler arts and craft supplies. It is the first thing you will look for when you start any craft activity, and it is always better to use safe scissors around kids.

Non-Toxic Glue

Glue Stick or washable project glue are also crucial for any activity. Not only because you need but also because kids love it.

A toddler playing with glue and paintbrush. Glue is must for toddler arts and crafts activities.
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Double Tapes

Double Tapes are so much fun. I love to put the double tapes on my floor and stick cars and animal figures. Somedays our living room is a busy intersection, the other days it is a wildlife safari. 

Construction Paper

I realized the importance of construction paper much later. Construction papers are thicker, and they are easier for toddlers to use. Also, they come in different colors, therefore, helps you create different kinds of arts and crafts. E.g., Lion masks, sheep, sun, jack-o-lanterns, etc.

Chart Papers

If you have an empty box and a chart paper, you can create several things without any skills. I am currently working on creating multi-level parking out of the diaper box. All I am doing is cutting chart paper, pasting it, and adding shelves with cut pieces of the case. It is one of the basics in the list of toddler art and craft supplies.

Cotton Balls

Want to make a sheep or a cloud, or teach kids about tracing the numbers and alphabets, cotton balls come pretty handy. 


Buttons of different sizes, colors, and designs are also must-have in toddler arts and crafts supplies. It can be used to create other crafts, but also great for teaching sorting, colors, and threading.

Pom Pom

Pom Poms are just so much fun. I would suggest playing under supervision if your toddler still puts things in his or her mouth.


Create accessories or make imaginative animals like snakes etc. with beads. Again, it is essential to supervise your little one when they are playing with beads. I only take out beads when I know I can give my 100% attention to Aurav.


If you want to decorate your creativity corner or kids’ room with their adorable art and craft, add yarn to the art and craft supply list now.

A close-up image of a yarn ball is a must for toddler arts and crafts activities.
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Popsicle Sticks

When Aurav was around 1.5 years old, I used colorful popsicle sticks to teach him colors and sort them. Now, they are a great way of making easy picture frames and tons of other crafts.

Paper Plates

I can easily write a 1000-word essay on the benefits of adding paper plates to the list of toddler art and craft supplies.

Toddler Art Activities Supplies List


This one is the most obvious addition to the art and craft supply list, but there is a wide variety of crayons available. I like mine to be washable; non-toxic, and since Aurav is just three-year-old, they should be easy to hold.

Non-Toxic Water Colors

Like thousands of moms out there, Crayola and Melissa and Doug are my go-to brands for anything color-related.   

Non-Toxic Markers

I love to color with my pens, and Aurav tries to use my sketch pens at every chance. Therefore, I decided to get Aurav these washable markers. The unique triangular shape makes it easier for him to hold and use.  

A toddler colouring a house made out of cardboard. Images shows things needed for toddler arts and crafts supplies
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Drawing Sheets

You can buy lose drawing sheets or just keep A4 sheets at home. You will need it almost every day. 

Paint Brush Kit

The palm muscles of toddlers are still developing. They can’t hold regular paintbrushes just yet; therefore, I love this paintbrush kit. It has various brush palette, sponge rollers that keep toddler excited.


Dear mommies! Get these waterproof smocks for your sanity. Nothing spoils the fun of creating fantastic art more than an unaccounted mess. I have a ‘mommy mess-radar”; it helps me decide the amount of mess particular activity can make. I pick my days for super messy activities, but having a Waterproof Children Art Smock in the toddler’s arts and crafts supplies list is a must.

Sidewalk Chalks

The child in me is more excited to play with these chalks than Aurav. He loves them. You can use it on the patio, sidewalk, or balcony walls.

Dab Kids Paint

It is another fun way of encouraging kids to indulge in arts and crafts. You can also use Crafty Dab Kid Paints for tracing alphabets and numbers.

Toddler Cooking Activities Supplies

Children’s Cooking Knives

I love how Montessori-based activities encourage little ones to learn about life skills. I want Aurav to be educated and independent. When the time comes, I will teach him about taxes; for now, we are just started with cutting some veggies with Child Safety Knives for Cooking.

Toddler dressed as a chef for cooking activities
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Last week, I shared the daily routine we are following during the coronavirus lockdown. Every morning when Aurav wakes up, the first thing he asks is, what new activity will we do today? The excitement in his voice and happiness on his face keeps me motivated to think and plan new activities. I have never been great at art and crafts, so trust me when I say this if I can do it, you can definitely do it. All you need is the right art and craft supplies for toddlers. The best part about this list is that most of these items are not expensive, and many of these will be available at home as well. Next week, I will discuss with you how to make a weekly timetable of activities for toddlers. Stay tuned.

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