Potty Training A Toddler Who Hates Sitting on The Potty

The year has been going pretty (dramatic eye roll) blah so far. Still, I have a significant achievement under my belt for the second quarter. Drums roll, please!! Aurav is finally Potty trained! I am so excited I can scream from the mountain. Why? What is the big deal? Because I think if I can potty train Aurav, I can potty train any kid, he was that sneaky and stubborn about potty training. The following is experience of potty training a toddler who hates sitting on the potty.

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My First Three Failed Attempts of Potty Training

Potty training Aurav has been one of the most challenging phases for me in the last three years. Breastfeeding, weaning him off breastfeeding, etc. were effortless. Aurav latched quickly, I didn’t have too much pain while breastfeeding, and when the time came to wean him, it was a struggle for a week, but then everything was fine. But, potty training was getting too much for me.

I tried to potty train Aurav three times until I succeeded. First, when he turned 20 months, second when he turned two years old, and later when he turned two-and-a-half-year-old. I failed all three times because of one simple reason.

Neither Aurav was ready, nor was I prepared to potty train.

I must have bought three different kinds of training potties, but Aurav didn’t like anyone of them. He had developed a habit of standing and pooping (Aurav will be mortified to read this blog when he is a teenager, lol, and I can’t wait!).

He sensed I was trying to keep an eye on him and make him poop in the pot. He would patiently wait and find that one moment, where I was busy with something or I had to go to washroom myself, and BAM! He would poop in his training underwear. Yuck!! Gross! I never tried to clean them. They just went in the trash.

I would talk to my friends in India, and they mostly live in joint families. They weren’t really much help because they had people to help them. So, after three failed attempts, I decided to give up. I decided to patiently wait for clear signs from Aurav that he is ready to be potty trained. I wanted to try when my husband could take some time off so that we can do this together. My new mantra is “Family that potty trains together, stays together.”

Three Mistakes to Avoid While Potty Training

Don’t Rush into Potty Training

We all know every child is different. We should not try the same method of potty training on every child. It doesn’t matter if your elder one was a potty-trained baby from 18 months of age. Every kid is different. Boys are different from girls, twins can be different from each other, siblings can differ, and cousins can have different habits. You, as a mom, know your kid the best. Trust yourself, trust your child, have patience, and start potty training, keeping that in mind.

Don’t Compare How Well Other Toddlers are Doing

This is a significant step in potty training. In the last three years of parenting, I have realized a lot of times we worry because we see other kids doing something sooner. Let’s be honest, we don’t want our kid to be behind from the get-go. I have to accept, though, it is a wrong way to go about it. I try to stay away from the temptation, but as Aurav got closer to turn three, his poops got bigger, smellier, and overall grosser to clean. I just wanted him to be potty trained and be done with it. But, I didn’t realize along with Aurav, I was also not ready and prepared to ‘potty train’ him.

Potty Training Cab be Overwhelming, Ask Help from Family and Friends

We have to understand ever since the baby is born, diapers are part of their lives. They don’t know any other way. So, potty training is a significant change for them. In turn, it is a big change for you. If you are going through a big transition yourself, or work is driving you crazy, it is better to find a week where you can just focus on the toddler. At the same time, he adjusts the new normal of pooping in the pot. In Aurav’s case, I had to stay alert all the time. Hence, I called in for reinforcements. I told my husband, I need his help, and together we did it!

So, How to Potty Train Toddlers Who Hate to Sit on the Potty?

I know a lot of parents make their kids sit on potties from a very early age. I recommend it, but it can be very frustrating if your kids don’t want to sit on it. Don’t force, don’t rush, and most importantly, don’t worry. When the time comes, your toddler will be potty trained. In my case, the following steps helped in potty training.

Buy the Potty Training Book

I bought “The Potty Book for Boys,” to mentally prepare him about the concept of potty training. I religiously read this book three times a day to Aurav for good 15 days. Books are a great way to establish new changes, emotions, and behaviors in toddlers. If your toddler loves Storytime, this is a perfect way to start the journey towards potty training. After 15 days, Aurav started showing interest in sitting on the pot.

Picking Training Potty is the Most Important Factor

I tried three different training potties before I finally found the ultimate training potty. If your toddler like Aurav is too independent wants to do everything on their own, then Potty Training Toilet Seat with Step Stool, will be perfect for you too. I love how it has a little ladder, Aurav loves to climb up on the potty and sit by on his own. Its quite sturdy. Now that he is potty trained, he doesn’t even call me if he has just pee. I am only called for the fun part i.e., cleaning his bum. Lol.

My Secret Tip for Potty Training

I read several blogs on potty training stubborn toddlers, and I have to say every blog is essential. Every story is important because you really don’t know what might work for your child. Hence, I decided to write my story on potty training Aurav. One of the tricks that I came along was letting your kid, “Go Commando.” This turned out to be a turning point for me. I left Aurav bare bottom for almost a week. It took him two days to realize the sensation of when he needs to go, and the remaining three to form a routine. With any kind of lowers, be it training underwear or just PJs, he would get confused and end up having an accident.

Pick Training Underwear Carefully

I tried a lot of training underwear with Aurav. The thick or multi-layered underwear is excellent if you think your kid is ready for potty training. Still, in my case, since they were thick, Aurav was not able to distinguish between them and the diapers. As a result, Aurav did poop in the training underwear. When your toddler poops in the pants or underwear, let him or her stay dirty for a minute or two. It will make them uncomfortable and establish the difference of pooping/peeing in the diaper vs. in underwear. But, now that Aurav is potty trained, he absolutely loves these training underpants. He liked to choose which underwear he will wear today.

Writing this blog today feels like a personal accomplishment. I am glad I used this time of staying at home for Aurav’s potty training. I hope you benefit from my experience and learning. Please comment or ask me if you have any questions.

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