Personalized Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2020

Without dwelling too much into if we should or shouldn’t celebrate Mother’s Day, I am just going to go right ahead and jump into celebration. God knows we need it. So, here’s a list of some quirky, fun, and personalized Mother’s Day gift ideas. Why personalized gift? Because they are the best way to show you know the person well and you care! I love how personalized gifts remind the loved ones about you when they look at them. I also loved the gifts which you make together. That way you are not just gifting an item, you are gifting a memory. So, let’s get started.

An image of flowers, macrons, a cup of coffee and Happy Mother's Day card.

Personalized Gift – Kitchen Accessories

Personalized Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board 

I love everything about Personalized kitchen accessories. Before I became a mom, cooking was a hobby, but with Aurav in my life, cooking food for the family is EVERYTHING. Nourishing him, cooking for my family, and organizing my kitchen are my things. If your mom loves her kitchen and her recipes, then this is the perfect gift for her. 

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Image of a bamboo chopping board. The board has my heart belongs to mommy engraved on it.

Personalized Utensil Set

There are a lot of great options for personalized utensils set that you can choose from. There is something warm and fuzzy about having your own personalized utensil set. It’s like being a Master Chef in your own house. Trust me, every time your mom will use these, she will think of you fondly. Get ready to see her smile bigger. 

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Personalized Gift Ideas for First Mother’s Day

Personalized Baby Feet Pendant Necklace

My first Mother’s Day, I was like a puddle. I was so emotional, and everything tiny would make me weak in the knees. This pendant reminded me of those days. Hence, it made it to the list of my favorite personalized gift idea for this Mother’s Day. 

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First Mother’s Day Matching Mom and Baby T-Shirt

Personalized and matching t-shirts are so corny, and therefore, so much fun. The firsts never come back in life and, thus, make it a memory that will last forever. Wear the matching t-shirts, click a lot of pictures, decorate with balloons, and eat lots of cake. The perfect recipe to celebrate Mother’s Day this year.  

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Personalized Gifts for DIY Mother’s Day Celebration 

Personalized Succulent Garden Box

My mom is in love with plants. She loves her kitchen garden. She likes to grow herbs and some vegetables at home, always have. If gardening is something, both you and your mom enjoy together then go for this classy personalized gift of succulent garden box. You can gift her this cute garden box with or without the plants. You can make a little DIY out of it and plant it together. In any case, this won’t disappoint you or your mom. 

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Image of a assorted succulent plant wooden box

Personalized DIY Wall Hanging Wooden Birthday Plaque Sign 

If you want to make a personalized gift even more personal, then this DIY Wall Hanging Wooden Birthday Plaque Sign is the perfect gift for you. Make a family birthday calendar together, followed by some delicious food, and you are set for Mother’s Day. It will be done which you and your family will never forget. 

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Image of a wooden wall hanging plaque

Glow Face Serum with Essential Oils

I love my essential oils. Aurav is still young to gift me anything, but I plan to gift myself this out-of-the-world Glow Face Serum. I will be using a lot of fantastic seed to see organic essential oils mentioned below in the image and treat my skin, which takes a lot every day. If you are interested in the oils, please leave a comment, and we can talk more.

Image of recipe for the perfect glow face serum

Personalized Mementos for Mother’s Day 

What I Love about You Mom Journal  

There is nothing more special than expressing your love with words. Not all of us are great writers. Therefore, this personalized book is a fantastic gift. The perfect way to express your love for your mom in your own words. Take your mom down the memory lane by adding some fantastic pictures. 

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Image of What I Love About Mom Journal

Personalized Funny Coffee/Tea Mugs

I remember as a child, I never saw my mom and dad starting their day without a cup of tea, and now I know why? Lol. Caffeine makes everything easier. If you are an older child or one of the siblings is reading this. There is no better way of making your mom laugh with one of these funny mugs and see your siblings sulk. Go for it! 

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Most of my readers know I have moved a lot past couple of years. One of the downsides to living in a rental apartment is you can’t put up a lot of photo frames. Therefore, I love Mixtiles. I have loved them so much that even when I will have my own house, I will order these so that I can change the settings and location of the frame whenever I want.

Personalized Candles, Mementos, Décor & Much More

When you are young and single, the house is a place nothing more than a place to crash. The family makes it a home that we all dream of. All the moms I know or have met, including myself, are proud of their homes. They all have their unique style. If you want to celebrate the uniqueness of your mom, check out Candlelicioussbyjs. It’s serene, classy, and the best way to jazz up your mom’s favorite corner in the house.

Image of a mom washing her daughter's hands. Text on the image says personalised gift ideas for Mother's Day 2020

Do let me know if you liked these ideas? In the meanwhile, let’s celebrate every single minute of our lives. Happy Mother’s Day, 2020.

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