Let’s Declutter the House to Declutter our Mind

Those of you who don’t know me, I am a Pisces. I love to forget all the cruel realities of the world, wear my happy glasses, and escape to my dream world. I am hopelessly positive. One lesson that I have learned in the last 30 years is that if you want to be positive, it is imperative to have a decluttered mind. The first step to have a decluttered mind is to declutter the house. 

Why Declutter the House? 

I have read so many memes, which says things like life is too short to waste cleaning up or to do household chores. While it might sound a lot of fun or the ultimate motto of all the single people out there but the peace that comes with a clean house is absolutely precious. When you declutter the house, it helps your home breathe, positives energy flow through your home, and everything just lightens up.

Decluttering the house is much more than just throwing away the things we don’t need. I absolutely love the way Marie Kondo describes it; she says, “The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.” When you organize the house and discard the things you don’t need anymore, or you don’t relate to, it makes you realize how far you have come. Decluttering and organizing the house is an organic process to cleanse your mind. It is a way of letting go off baggage and burdens we don’t need anymore. It is a way of making space for things we actually love. It is the best way of living in the present that too mindfully.

Quote by Marie Kondo saying the space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.

Growing up, I wasn’t the most organized person. I would tell my mom that I have superpowers of searching anything I need from the pile of things just stuffed in my wardrobe. Frankly, I didn’t even realize how frustrating some days were, especially when you are getting late for the work, or you are not finding a pair of socks. My husband, on the other hand, was super organized. I learned a lot from him after I moved to Mumbai with him post marriage. The city is known for its tiny apartments. The smaller the space smarter you have to be, to organize the house. Now, as my family grew, I grew up, responsibilities increased. Today I understand and believe in the mantra, ‘clear home means a clear mind.’

Declutter the House & Organize with My Favorite Storage Organizers

I detest when I open the cabinet, and things are haywire. Imagine you need to quickly clean something in the kitchen. But, when you open the cabinet to take out cleaning supplies and end up scattering three other things. How frustrating is that?? An unorganized house means you end up spending more time on things that you don’t want to, and this one scene has a domino effect on your peace of mind. 

I finally relate to the obsession my mom had with storage organizers. Especially for those hard spaces like under the sink or for those pesky little items which are of weird shapes and never fit anywhere. It is essential to not only declutter the house but also organize what we have. So, following is the list of my all-time favorite storage organizers, which will make your home Marie Kondo style organized.

Foldable Under-Bed Storage Bins 

Foldable Storage Bins are perfect when you have a big family and small space. Very easy to store, be it under the bed, or if your bed has storage. Like in my case, I like to shop for Aurav in advance, especially during sales. I also want them to stay in good condition. What about the special bed linen or those fancy towels? I absolutely love these foldable storage bins. They are multi-purpose and an essential item.

Cloth Drawer Storage Organizer Boxes

I continue to miss the days when Aurav was so little with his tiny cute clothes, socks, and mittens. Awe!! If you have a little one or your husband is the baby of the house, these Cloth Drawer Storage Organizer Boxes are a must-have. I like to separate and organize t-shirts, pants, nightwear, socks, gloves, undergarments, etc. neatly. These drawers are amazing. It keeps every item separated, and I love how neat the chest looks when I open it. When you declutter the house, it is not just about the outer appearance of the home, it is those deep inner corners as well.

Cubby Bins

Cubby Bins are yet another essential item when you are decluttering the house and organizing it. It is the perfect way to organize kids’ craft supplies, scarves, hats, electronics, or any other useful item. Moreover, they make the shelves look extremely neat. I love to buy them in bulk because I like to have a color symmetry in my home.

Wall-Mounted Nail Polish Holder

It might say wall-mounted nail polish holder, but it can be used in surprising ways. All those little bottles you have in the house e.g., herbs, spices, essential oils, nail paints, etc. you can organize them in this holder. It looks classy and serves a great purpose.

Cabinet Door Storage

I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of the cabinet door storage organizer. I want to give a giant hug to who so ever came up with this idea. I like to keep my hair styling appliances like a dryer, hair iron, curling rods, etc. away from Aurav. So, this is my ultimate savior. They are pretty handy for keeping basics like onions and potatoes or cleaning supplies in the kitchen.

Cleaning Caddy

With a toddler in the house, it is like a pigsty almost every second day. Also, when I clean, I like to have everything at the arm’s distance and preferably far away from Aurav. This cleaning caddy is super handy, and when I am done, I can put them away in one go. Clean, comfortable, fast, and effective way of storing day-to-day cleaning supplies.

Under and Over the Sink Storage Organizer 

Auledio Stackable Mesh Cabinet Basket Organizer is another one of my proud discoveries. It is a perfect storage organizer, especially for over and under the sink space. I never understand why apartment sinks don’t have shelves! Shelves means everything to moms, they should know that. Ladies, you will love me for suggesting this one.

Vanity and Desk Clear Organizer

I have always loved the tiny boxes Marie Kondo has for organizing drawers. This set of vanity and desk clear organizer boxes did precisely the same for my husband and me. We love our accessories and stationery. A perfect way to organize the desk or vanity.

Photo by Mateusz Dach on Pexels.com

Shelf Separator/Organizer

Please don’t think I have entirely lost it, but do you also like to separate your t-shirts based on sleeve lengths? Or keep joggers separated from shorts? I hate piling things up. Hate it! Hence, the love for Kosiehouse Shelf Divider. It is a sturdy way to organize any wardrobe/cabinet you want.

I really hope you continue to take part in the journey of a holistic lifestyle with me. Please let me know if you have some interesting ideas on decluttering the house. 

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