First Steps Towards a Holistic Lifestyle

Hey Mamas! This past week I have been thinking, we are living in such crazy and unthinkable times. I never thought a common cold can scare us so much, and we will be forced to stay indoors. At the same time, I can’t help but see the positive side of the Coronavirus pandemic. I have always believed in a holistic lifestyle, but I never felt the need to talk about it so openly. But, I think now the time has come. I want to share my approach towards living a holistic lifestyle. My family and friends know I am a ‘kitchen baby’ or a sucker for all things natural. Even as a kid, I would go to any lengths to stay away from doctors. I hated medicine, and I have a significant syringe phobia. Hence, my obsession with a holistic lifestyle.

Why a Holistic Lifestyle?

Let me start by saying this, in no way, I am trying to say that science and its advancements are not vital. I am just emphasizing on the fact that we have to be more mindful about everything in our lives. From what we eat to what we wear or how we are acting on the earth. A holistic lifestyle is being 100 percent aware and accepting. For me, a holistic lifestyle means being mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually aware. Living a lifestyle that keeps you physically and mentally healthy. It is all about building natural immunity.

As moms, we are always worried about our family’s immunity, but in the present scenario, when the dark reality of the world is looking into our eyes, being healthy and having a robust immunity system is not optional. The best part is everything that you need to stay healthy is in your kitchen.

Meditation: First step towards a Holistic Life

I will confess I was slacking on taking care of myself mentally for the longest time. I have been so busy with taking care of Aurav that I completely ignored myself. I recently realized my cup was empty, and I was running on empty. Meditation has been an essential part of my life, but motherhood took the front seat, and I have realized it is not easy to get back to meditation is not easy. Making it a discipline is even more difficult, but we have to do it, and there is no short cut to it.

Meditation is indeed the first step to a holistic lifestyle. My secret to making my meditation experience more special or fulfilling is essential oils. I love the calmness they bring upon me. I love to use essential oils that are 100 percent organic and pure. I have a favorite spot where I like to sit, diffuse some oils, and meditate. If you are a beginner, I would say find your bliss, make a ritual which excites you before you meditate. Gradually, your meditational routine will become your therapy.

Holistic Approach towards Food

You’re what you eat, Period! I am not much of a foodie, but I definitely appreciate a well-cooked meal. Everyone is my family is very particular about the ingredients we use. I am big on cooking at home. It doesn’t matter to my family or me if the meal is fancy or not. Food is for your survival. I know it is a busy life, and as moms, we have so much to do. But, irrespective of everything, I firmly believe every struggle in life for food. You should be mindful of what you are eating. Moreover, I don’t do frozen food at all.

Most of my family always had a kitchen garden. So, without even realizing I have grown up eating organic produce. Thanks to my parents, I have learned to keep my food and eating habits simple and healthy.  Being an Indian, I feel incredibly grateful that my mom and her mom, because of them, I inherited a treasure of natural remedies, straight. Growing up, I have picked on fantastic recipes for day to day ailments and boost immunity.

Holistic Approach Towards Family and Friends

One of the most beautiful gifts Coronavirus has given us is the “gift of time to with our loved ones.” I am trying to focus on healing myself and healing my relationships. I recently wrote a blog on ten things I will never take for granted once physical distancing is over, and Coronavirus is curtailed. The last month has been a revelation. We run after insane things, and ignore the day to day wear and tear our emotional health and relationships go through. We give importance to situations that might seem valuable at that moment, but are they significant? Another critical step towards a holistic lifestyle is knowing who are the most important people in your life. Love them, nurture your relationship, focus your energy on essential things. 

Make Your House a Haven and Heaven

It doesn’t matter if you live in a one-bed condo or a mansion. Your house can be your beautiful haven that shields you from the harsh world, or it can be your prison. Holistic lifestyle ensures your home is where you come for peace. All the steps mentioned above take you on the path of a holistic lifestyle. Declutter the house, donate things that you don’t need anymore, or you haven’t used in the last six months. Be attached to people who matter instead of things. “Cluttered house means a cluttered mind.” “Cleanliness is godliness.” All these clichés are true! A decluttered house instantly improves the energy of the house. It gives more space for positive energy to circulate in the home. If you havent already read Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, then do read it. This will change your life.

Growing up, my parents moved to different cities, and we lived in several houses. Our “forever home” came much later in our lives, but I really never felt the need for that. Where ever we lived, we were together, and little things my mom taught me have been my guiding principles. My mom was particular about making the bed the minute we woke up. Over a while, I have realized, no matter how insane my day was, my room was always perfect when I came back home. It was such a comfort and still is.  

Self-care and Self-Love

The path to a holistic lifestyle is incomplete without caring and loving yourself. I have openly spoken about how difficult it is for a mom to love herself or take care of herself regularly. Motherhood can be an extremely lonesome journey. If you would have spoken to me two months back, I was not in this mind space. I was losing myself and wasn’t able to focus on anything constructive. I had to remind myself about my old habits. I had to remind myself to take care of myself and to love myself.

Holistic life is not a one-time investment; it is a constant process, it is a discipline. You have to find yourself, your peace, your happiness, you have to fill your inner cup before you do anything else. So, read books, take long baths, or do whatever you love to keep your inner self going. The most important aspect of self-love is mindfulness. You can have the best meal and the best wine, but if you are distracted, if you are not mindful, if you are not present at that moment, then it is all a waste. Be mindful, be present, and be yourself.

If you like or relate to my journey of leading a more holistic lifestyle, then comment or connect with me. Let’s make our own village, where we moms do our bit to make this world a better place to live.   

Mum Mum Ma…

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