Five Fantastic Indoor Activities For Toddler that Cost Nothing

Hey Mamas! How’s it going? Do you still think your toddlers are the cutest, or have you already found places to hide in the house? Lol, don’t worry; we are all in the same boat. Thank god! I have a dog, and dog walks are still allowed. So, I like to go on long walks and talk to my friends. It is helping me stay sane. Well, while the world leaders are doing their jobs, we, moms, have a more significant role. Coronavirus or not, it is still our responsibility to nurture our little ones. Make sure they learn new things, are kind and know how to enjoy their lives. Last week, I shared five amazing toys that encourage independent play. Still, I understand it is not easy to shell out money every week. Therefore, in today’s post, I want to share five superhit indoor activities that are absolutely FREE!! Yey!! Are you as excited as I am? Let’s start.

1. Kneading Doughs 

I highly recommend this indoor activity. All you need is any kind of flour, oil, and water. If you want to make the dough colorful, you can add some food color to it. The best part of this activity is that it is excellent for mental and physical stimulation. Let the toddler decide their pace and quantity of ingredients they want to use. Aurav loved how the flour kept changing its texture. He was busy for easy 50-minutes. It is the longest any activity can keep him engaged.

2. Fun Kitchen Activities

Aurav is almost three, and he already behaves like a little chef. He is always next to me on the kitchen counter, asking what I am doing and shows interest in how to cook. I obviously make it a point that he stays away from the stove. I am not much a of a baker, so I can’t bake the way a lot of Pinterest moms do, but what I can do is, get him engaged by asking him to whip the eggs, or peel the boiled eggs, or make a smoothie. I am not kidding; you will be surprised how amazing our little ones are at these tasks. It makes cooking fun for everyone, and you don’t have to continually look over your shoulder when you are cooking. I have these incredible kids’ safe knives set that I let Aurav use to chop some veggies. He feels so proud of himself when he helps me in the kitchen. And I feel happy I am raising a son who will be self-sufficient. It is a win-win for everyone. Moms, if you know any super easy baking recipe, please share.

3. Button sorting/threading

All toddlers love to create a mess and then clean it up or vice versa. Therefore, sorting buttons as per the color or design is a fun indoor activity to do. Put all the buttons/beads in one bowl and keep a couple of empty containers in front of your toddler and ask them to sort them by color, shapes, or sizes. One of the oldest tricks in the book to keep toddlers busy, and it still works like a charm. Aurav loved it, but if your kids are small and tend to put things in mouth, then this activity should be done under supervision. My little boy loves making cute little necklaces for me, so if you have beads or some sort of shells at home, it is perfect.

4. Sorting, spooning or pouring grains

I love Montessori-based indoor activities. They are excellent in developing motor skills and teach life skills as well. One of the Aurav’s favorite activity is to put groceries or pouring beans, grains, and rice from one container to another. So, I give him beans in a container, then I ask him to pour it in another container.  Or I mix different kinds of beans and grains, then I ask him to sort them. There is nothing more beautiful than watching a toddler concentrating on an activity. If you want to increase the intensity of this activity, give your kid a small tong. It will work great for their motor skills.

Suggestion: If you are scared of mess or don’t handle the frustration, then make sure you give items that are easier to pick up and don’t take too much time to clean up. 

5. Cutting and pasting 

Another fantastic indoor activity is cutting and pasting. It doesn’t matter what you are cutting and pasting. You can take out an old magazine and cut different images from it, e.g., cars, dogs, etc. Give it to your little one with some blank sheets and some glue. Toddlers love to play with glue. You can give your toddler kids safe scissors as well. Aurav is still a little young to maneuver a pair of scissors, and he doesn’t stay engaged in the activity for long if he gets frustrated. To encourage independent play during this indoor activity, cut the images or shapes in advance. 

I always decide and prepare for these indoor activities at least a day in advance. It make mornings peaceful. You can finish your morning business calls, without a toddler screaming at you for attention. Moreover, these days every morning, the minute Aurav has his breakfast, he wants to do activities. I love it that he is loving it. These are the five super hit indoor activities that costs nothing. I plan to share more as we create more. But every day is not the same. Some days I am also clueless, what to do, and not everything is hunky-dory. So, please share what you guys have been doing to keep toddlers busy? This mama needs help as well, like I said we are all in this together.  

Until then stay home and stay safe. Mum Mum Ma…

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