Five Amazing Indoor Activity Toys Toddlers Will Love Over and Over Again


I know you must be thinking it’s easier to prepare and plan for summer breaks and other scheduled breaks. This “gift of time,” which was sprung on us by Mother Nature, hasn’t been easy. It doesn’t matter if you are a stay at home mom or a working mom. We are all trying to find new ‘normal’ in this madness, balancing our works with household chores and at the same time making sure our kids stay engaged, learn something new. Whoa! That was handful or mouthful or just blah!! But that’s ok! Mamas we have got this. All we need is tons of indoor actvities to keep them busy. My son has an attention span of a man (dramatic eye roll!) and to get him toys is usually a waste of money because he plays with them for a few minutes and never gives them another look. For the last couple of months, I have been extremely mindful of toys that I buy for him. Therefore, the list of the following five indoor activity toys for my toddler that has been a life savior.

He is not only playing with them over and over again, but they are an excellent learning tool. The best part of these toys, they encourage self-play, which means you can send that email or cook the meal or shout at your husband for behaving like a piece of furniture. I can’t start discussing these toys without thanking Amazon and its fantastic team, which is still working during these crazy times. I wish I could hug them to express gratitude, but I am going to stick Indian style namaste. Social distancing is the key!

TECBOSS Water Drawing Mat

Honest confession! When I placed an order for this water drawing mat, I thought it will be a filler activity. I never expected Aurav to stay engaged and play with TECBOSS Water Drawing Mat for almost half an hour ever time I bring it out. I don’t take it out every day, though. I incorporate it into our indoor activities on alternate days. He loves it. It is mess-free and hassle-free.   

Dreampark Puzzles for Kids Wooden Jigsaw Animals Puzzles 

Aurav & I instantly fell in love with this puzzle set. It is perfect for preschoolers. All toddlers love animals, and this adorable Dreampark Jigsaw Puzzles set is an ideal way to put their brains to work. I sat down with him a first few times to explain how it works, but he always tries to do it on his own, and I like to encourage it. He finds Dreampark Puzzles challenging, therefore, stays engaged for a long time. It is a must-have indoor activity and perfect way to build their interest in puzzles.

Soyee Button Art Early Learning Toys  

This is yet another fun indoor activity toy. There are not many puzzles for the toddlers, and I am always on a hunt. Soyee Button Art Early Learning Toy has captivated Aurav. The fun fact is there are a lot of sheets to play with. Again with every toy alternating is the key. I take out a few leaves every time he plays with it. Then next time we play, I take out the rest of the sheets. It is colorful, engaging, and helps with motor skills.

Melissa & Doug Self-Correcting Alphabet Letter Puzzles

I hardly know any parent who doesn’t love Melissa and Doug toys. Their Montessori based life-skills toys are my absolute favorite. Especially Melissa & Doug Self-Correcting Alphabet Letter Puzzles. Aurav is almost 3 and is quite familiar with the alphabet, so naturally, the next step for me was to step it up. I love this wooden puzzle, which helps kids learn how to match letters to the pictures. The puzzle pattern for each alphabet is different, so one alphabet will match with just one image. It’s simple and brilliant.

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ultimate Swirl Ice Cream Maker

I was saving my best for the last! I have never come across a kid who doesn’t like these three things 1) ice creams, 2) play-does 3) pretend play. Join these three together and we have Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ultimate Swirl Ice Cream Maker. You can never go wrong with this fun indoor activity, period! It is one of the best toys available on Amazon, which is easy on your pocket and Aurav never gets bored of it. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ultimate Swirl Ice Cream Maker is my hidden weapon. When I too tired, I have my periods and no energy, I have to work on my blog or any other important task. I take this out, and Aurav doesn’t even care where I am for the next 45-50 minutes. Our interaction is only limited to “mom see what I made,” to which I say, “Oh wow! This is amazing!” 

So, here is my list of 5 amazing toys your kids will love over and over again. If you are wondering why just five? The answer is I didn’t want to bombard you with links unnecessarily. I wanted to share my authentic experience. Toys that I have bought and Aurav loves. Please do share if you have any toys or activities in purpose for Aurav as well.

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