10 Things I Will Never Take for Granted After Coronavirus is Under Control

It has been almost two weeks since we are living in self-isolation due to Coronavirus pandemic. Life, as we knew, has changed forever. Even when we do go back to what was our “normal,” we all know nothing will be normal about it. I am still hoping that day comes soon. But as of now and at this moment there are a lot of little day to day things which I know me and my friends will never ever take for granted.

Will Never Take Nature for Granted

We all love weekend getaways in nature, hiking a trail, exploring the caves, diving in the sea or oceans, or go to an “exotic” vacation destination, which takes us closer to nature. But in reality, we treat our planet like shit. We haven’t done enough. We are not doing enough! In times like these, you realize we run, push, and pull ourselves in all directions to grow and make our life worthwhile, but what if life isn’t there? What if we have used and abused this planet to an extent that it has deemed us unworthy. All these questions are staring us in the face! It’s high time we take our heads out of our asses and do our bit. I promise I will never ever take nature for granted, honestly, I never did in the past as well, but I believe I can do more. I owe it to my son, his sons, our future generations. We owe it to our civilization.

Will Never Take Health and Immunity for Granted

We run after money, we run after a certain kind of dream lifestyle, we take gym memberships but never go. We pay attention to everything but our health. We would suffer emotionally but not visit a therapist because talking about mental health comes with a stigma. We rather are in denial then work on our shortcomings! I am sure we all can relate to some aspect of it. Isn’t it? I love to exercise and try to eat right, but I know my husband doesn’t. I know so many of my friends who have an unhealthy lifestyle, eating habits, or going through extreme emotional stress, but they refuse to take care of themselves. So far, I never used to push them. I never asked anyone to try and live a more holistic lifestyle. I didn’t even try to learn more about living in a naturally healthy way. After seeing the kind of havoc Coronavirus is playing on people with low immunity, I promise I will never take health and immunity of myself, my friends and family for granted. I don’t care going forward; they think I am nagging or being pushy, but I will try to motivate them to live better, eat better, and try to work on their mental health as well.

Will Never Take Family for Granted

My parents are in India, and my brother is in Australia with his family. Most of our friends are in India as well, so you can very well imagine how badly we are concerned about their well-being. For the first time ever since I have immigrated to another country, I feel I am too far from my family. What I would not give to just hug them and hold them at this moment. Family is the first thing we all take for granted, we take our parents for granted, we take our partners for granted, and now is the time to stop. We have to have a mindful relationship with our loved ones. We have to create a system that we are there for our families in time of need.

Will Never Take Friends for Granted

I have canceled plans to meet our friends on numerous occasions because of some reason or the other, and they all seemed very important at that time. Today, I would just love to sit with them and talk, I am not talking about clubbing, fancy dinners, or expensive wines. Just the company. My husband has always teased me about how I don’t invite anyone home if it isn’t clean as per my standards and it is true, I guess one thing I have learned during this time, life is fucking short. Just go out and be with the people you love. 

Will Never Take Playing Outdoors for Granted 

My son and my pup are both confused about what’s happening. Aurav doesn’t understand why he can’t go on swings, and sparky is confused why he hasn’t played with his other puppy friends in the last couple of days? Why is mom always tugging him away when he wants to stop and say hi to any other dogs? They both know something is going on; unfortunately, they can neither understand nor express their frustration.

On the other hand, I remember my childhood. I was such a wild child. My parents always insisted on the importance of playing outdoors and gosh, mischievous things me and my brother has done. We would come covered in dirt and was straight pushed for bath. I want the same for my son. I want him to go out and explore nature, but things are so scary. I will never take going to a playground or a dog park for granted. I will never take simple pleasures of innocent childhood for granted, and that’s a promise to self.

Will Never Take Hygiene For Granted

Every kid is unhygienic, period! How many times have we come after playing and straightway head to the cookie jar, without washing our hands? At that time, our habitat was still secured. We weren’t facing life and death or pandemic threats. But in today’s time, it is crystal clear to me that till the time we collective work on making this planet better and correct our ways, our kids will have to imbibe the importance of hygiene in their lives. Unfortunately, their childhood can’t be as careless as ours. It is our sin, and they have to bear the burden; nevertheless, as a parent, I will do what I have to do to make sure they are safe and healthy. 

Will Never Take My Colleagues for Granted

How we all love to gossip and bitch about our bosses/ co-workers? How we love our office friends? How they become an essential part of our lives because we spent so much time with them. People who work with you are vital! They are our friends and extended families. The spirit of team-work and the vibe in the office when the team achieves a goal is a thrilling experience. Never will I ever take my colleagues for granted. Hanging out with them, working with them, and brainstorming with them is a blessing. 

Will Never Take Celebrating Festivals for Granted

Indian Hindus are currently celebrating Navratri. It is a nine day-long festival, and on day eight, little girls visit their neighbor’s houses. Where they are worshipped and offered delicious food. Growing up, it used to be one of my most favorite festivals. I used to get new clothes, money, good food, and a lot of little gifts. Plus, Easter is around the corner as well. Last year, Aurav took part in his first egg hunt and I promised myself, I will make it a yearly ritual for him. I simply love festivals, and it doesn’t matter which religion it belongs to. I know after Coronavirus self-isolation; never will I ever take celebrating festivals with friends and family for granted.

Will Never Take Street Food for Granted 

India’s street food is not for faint-hearted, and I am raised in Delhi. Raised on street food, and not once I have had “Delhi Belly.” Lol. You can ask anyone, Delhiites take our street food very seriously. The love for street food was then transcended to food trucks in NYC and Toronto. Both me and my husband, we have always enjoyed going out and grabbing something to eat, or just go out to have ice cream. Gosh! I miss the smell of a hot dog truck/cart right now. It can’t be simply put in words. Never will I ever take my favorite street food trucks/carts/ vendors for granted!  

Will Never Take Grocery Delivery & Other Services for Granted

My husband and I are the laziest people on this earth when it comes to grocery shopping. We depend heavily on online apps and several delivery services. Plus, what a great convenience it is, especially with a little child and full-time jobs. Though a lot of services are still available, they are not delivering the same quantity, or some of the items are usually out of stock. I can’t thank people who are working tirelessly to make sure we get our stuff. I promise I will never ever take online services and people working to deliver things for granted. I hope all of you are tipping them generously. 

While we are at homes with our immediate families let’s not forget the power of prayer and believe in the efforts scientists and medical professionals are making to cure this pandemic. We should also contemplate on the way we are living. We need to be there for each other. Lookout for elderlies nearby. Let’s start working on making ourselves better and healing our natural habitat. We have to do it for ourselves, for our kids! 

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