Netflix Series Workin’ Moms- Review

5 reasons why I didn’t like Workin’ Moms on Netflix

March celebrates international women’s day and like always Netflix released an impressive line up of women oriented shows and movies. One of them being Workin’ Moms. Lead actors of the show are Catherine Rietman, Dani Kind, Juno Rinaldi, Dennis Andres, Jesslyn Wanlim and Trena Keating, created by Catherine Rietman. After thoroughly enjoying The Letdown on Netflix, me and my husband were looking forward to watch this show with same excitement. After watching the show, I have to say not just for show’s review but as a mom’s observation that it’s a mediocre show, which leaves nothing with you. I hope every mom will agree with me that new moms like to hear each others stories/ experiences, try to understand their hustle and how they cope with all the craziness which comes along with all awesomeness of motherhood. That’s exactly where this show lost me.

It was neither empathetic nor entirely funny. Considering how much I loved Netflix’s other series The Letdown, this one was a little disappointing.

Workin’ Moms lack reality and sensitivity

I know and appericiate the fact that writers tried to cater different moms with different backgrounds, but I guess that’s another reason why they lost their focus. Instead of being a show where they could have showed real struggle of working moms, they focussed on trivial stuff and handled important issues very lightly. I would not say don’t watch it but don’t try to find your story as a working mom or sahm in it. Majorly following 5 things didn’t go down well with me about the show.

Postpartum Depress is never funny. Period!

Postpartum is a topic which should not be taken lightly. I just didn’t understand why would writers represent the issue the way they did. Instead of showing what a mom goes through while mom’s struggling with postpartum depression, they were trying to find funny moments or comedy in it. Moreover, it came across as if it was mom’s fault she has postpartum depression. Secondly, who leavesatheir partner alone during postpartum depression? If you leave your partner alone then are you even in the right relationship?

For For working moms it’s hardly all play and no work

One of the characters is working in IT company and it seems all they do is eat snacks, gossip and bitch about each other. Please correct me if I am wrong, even if you are having trouble connecting with your husband emotionally and physically post-baby, which company pays you to just loiter around? I can understand a lot of times working moms are not able to spend so much time with their newborns, which brings in guilt and in turn results in disconnect. But what I don’t get is you don’t go to work and not do anything for 9hours.

Stories of most working moms in the show lacks punch

Expressing milk in restrooms and no diaper changing stations in male washroom are not the only struggle working moms face? Of all the stories I loved Catherine’s story. It seemed closest to reality. A hard working and ambitious woman trying her best to maintain balance and at the same time suffering from guilt of missing out on her new born baby. Her concerns and dilemma are real and relatable but rest of the stories leave no impact. Funny thing is you hardly see them with their babies.

Mom support groups are not catfighting grounds

We all like to crib in front of our friends, vent out our frustrations, especially when we meet our support group but let’s be clear mom support groups are not just about that. They are about being with each other, supporting each other without any prejudice. I wish they had shown this support group as something more than a cat fighting ground between working moms and stay at home moms. If a working mom missing her baby is real, staying at home doing over the top things for their babies is also. There shouldn’t be any judgment and none should see each other with anything but respect.

Working Moms’ struggle for achieving work/life balance is real but the show doesn’t explore it well

Like I mentioned earlier I loved Catherine’s story because they tried to cover new mom’s constant struggle with her career ambitions, torn between wanting to spend time with her little one and annoying colleagues trying to prey on her hard work and tackling family’s constant judgment. But biggest question is what about rest of “Workin Moms”? None had career ambitions or financial worries? My son is just 20 months old and all the time I am thinking about saving for his college, trying to find ways to secure his future, why I didn’t see the same concern amongst all the parents in the show? When ever I am talking to my mom friends, which happens to be a very diverse group all we can talk or discuss about is their future, even when the baby is 2 months old, the question is always lurking around.

There are so many factors that are involved in leaving small tiny humans home when maternity leave ends. Unfortunately, for me Workin’ Moms was not even able to scratch the surface. I was all set to cry and laugh with all the moms but nothing touched my heart, I expected more. I don’t mind taking motherhood banter and tongue-in-cheek humor but I am absolutely against any prejudice be it working moms or stay at homes. We all are trying to do our best for our babies and our families.

Parenting is not a competition, it’s a very unique journey

If mom or dad both work or takes sabbatical or work part-time or works from home, it is their decision. We decided to take a vacation with our little one on his first birthday because we wanted to gift him his first vacation, some parents like to go all out and throw a huge bash, thats good too, some like to keep it sweet and simple family affair, that is awesome as well, there should be no judgment. I think that’s what tick me off, they were trying to say there should be no judgment but show was oozing prejudice all through. If you are not a parent and not looking to watch something outright relatable you might enjoy the series.

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  1. What an interesting take on this Netflix Original. I actually enjoyed it when it first aired and am looking forward to the second season. I have to agree that it didn’t make postpartum depression anything like what I went through with our first and second child.

  2. I am so glad you were able to tell your truth and unique views! Some things are real struggle of working moms, and I guess we would just like to see the “real”. Every journey is indeed unique.

  3. I don’t think I saw this on Netflix here in Japan. I am curious to watch one episode to find out more about it now.

  4. I heard a lot of my friends watching it, I tried the first episode and was totally not into it. I’m glad I’m not alone

  5. thank you for this review, havent watched that but im considering not to now lol

  6. Well im considering watching it and was convinced nit to because of this. lol. still thank you for the review hahaha

  7. I haven’t seen that film but it looks like a nice and interesting film to watch. Being a parent is really hard but when both are supporting each other in doing parenting duties everything will become smooth and easy.

  8. I tried to watch the show but lost interest pretty quickly. I’m not sure what I was expecting, I think I just wanted more

  9. Glad to see an open and honest opinion on this show. I haven’t viewed it yet. We cut Netflix out for now but maybe at another time will check this out but I didn’t find the show something I would enjoy anyways so I didn’t even add it to my list that I know of.

  10. It’s already on my watchlist, and we are going to start watching it on the weekend.

    Nice to read a genuine review.

  11. Definitely these are important points. If they are showing something, either show it realistically and with well considerations. Not in a demeaning way .

  12. the concepts here is the idea one for me, catch them young is the best way, because a multi million$ party for a year old is as good as a waste. give them an hubby.

  13. I wondered if this was good – I’m not a parent but I just was curious if it was haha I will steer clear!

  14. This series promises to help make working moms feel less alone and provide all of the laughs necessary to make it through your very hectic shit-show of a day.

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