An open letter to recruiters reluctant in hiring MOMs returning to work


‘Hard-worker’ is mom’s second name

I wanted to experience nature’s biggest miracle there is… being a MOM. Conceiving and giving birth to a child, bringing a human being into this world is one of the most phenomenal experiences anyone can ever have. Once I was a mom, I wanted to spend first formative years with my little one and I decided to be at home mom for sometime. This so called “BREAK” I took was to care for my child and not to BREAK my career. My sabbatical was not an end of my ambition or urge to grow. On the contrary, after becoming a mom all I want to do is be a good role model for my kid. I want to show him hard work is irreplaceable. So, dear employers when you are not hiring a mom who took a “break” you are missing out on an extremely HARDWORKING employee, who will probably work harder than your expectations.

Moms can teach multi-tasking to “multi-taskers”

Besides, I absolutely despise when someone says “Oh! You took a break after baby”. Trust me and all the mothers out there raising a baby along with taking care of household, is anything but a BREAK. My idea of break is sipping sangria watching sunset on a beautiful exotic beach with perfect summer body. If having a messy bun all day, body which is alien to me, wearing weird clothes, not being able to pee or poop in privacy and not having one waking moment to myself, sounds like a break to you then I am speechless and you can stop reading this blog right now. Several researches have proven that being a stay at home is equivalent to doing 2.5 jobs (WITHOUT PAY). So, dear employers, you are missing out on someone who can do all that work, with a smile on their faces. By not giving a chance to a mom who wants to return to work, you are missing out on an extremely talented person with wonderful multi tasking skills.

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Moms invented “Self-Motivation”

Another factor that irks me, every job posting I see asks for someone who is extremely self-motivated. What gets me, is inability of recruiters to see no one can be more dedicated and motivated to find a job, keep it and grow in it than a mom getting back to work. If anyone out there thinks women have it easy, they can just take a walk off the earth and I won’t care. Fact is, it is never easy to be a woman. We are constantly proving ourselves. Proving ourselves to our parents, husbands, in-laws, family, friends, kids, employers. I think staying motivated all the time has become our DNA because above all we are proving us to ourselves. I can tell you by first hand experience, drive to prove ourselves and excelling at the work along with taking care of our family is enough to fuel life-long motivation. So, dear employers if you think a mom returning to work is not motivated then I don’t know who is?

Mom returning to work is not Black Friday Sale of talent

This is my absolute favorite. Can we please stop treating moms returning to work as black friday sales or special discount sessions. I studied as hard as the guy sitting in recruiter’s chair. I worked my ass off to become someone or achieve whatever I achieved. Just because you don’t have a womb and you were not given privilege of having ability to nurture life doesn’t give you a right to determine my professional worth because I decided to raise my child and take care of him. If god can trust me with carrying a life for nine months and nurturing him or her for rest of their lives, why can’t you trust me with my same profile, if not a promotion. If I can take care of a baby whose life depends on me, I can definitely take care of a team full for “adults”.


“Relevant” mindset is more important, skills can be attained

A lot of times I hear the excuses like things have changed on job front in last two years or technology has advanced or social media scenario has altered everything known or any other lame excuse trying to tell me why I am not “relevant”, let me tell you this on behalf of all moms, I didn’t know shit about being a mom when I conceived. It is one job I take super seriously and I am learning hows , whats and whys of it every single day on the job. If I can understand something as complicated as human being and its needs, I can for sure understand why people love advertising on Instagram instead of traditional print media. What employers forget is medium have been changing from the very start what stays same is human nature. Being a mom kind of makes you a super hero of understanding human nature in a much better because we see it growing from an atom to beautiful healthy babies, which in turn become “men of the world”. So, dear employers, don’t under estimate the will to learn and grow in a mom returning to work.

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If children are future then moms are future-makers

“Children are our future” said by Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister is one of the most honest quotes. It’s women who put everything on hold and give birth to a child, give birth to future. Having my baby and being on sabbatical to take care of him is one of the best decisions I have ever taken in my life. I didn’t miss the first time he smiled, or rolled over or crawled or took his first steps or said his first words or did his first dance. I knew it would be a challenge going back to work emotionally and professionally after having a baby but I was ready for the challenge. I still know I will do what ever it will take to be “relevant” again, but one thing is for sure we are still light years away from equality between men and women at work. No wonder till date we don’t see many women in board rooms. I hope one day world stops seeing women who took sabbatical for their children as irrelevant or outdated work force and welcome them with open arms into professional realm.

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Mum Mum Ma…

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  1. I watched my mother upgrade her education and then complete a post secondary certificate as a single mom of three preteen boys, while working. She then secured employment in a government office, making important contributions. There no stopping a mother determined to take care of her family. There no denying a mother ability to contribute.

    • I agree to that like i said in my mind I will do whatever it takes for me to be “relevant” again but that doesn’t change the bias recruiters have against women with kids.

  2. informative article! very helpful and will surely be helpful to others. thankyou for sharing this

  3. YES!!! i love this! I am currently a full time stay at home mom to 4 little ones. I put a pause on my nursing career to be able to raise them and help them get the best start in life. It can be so unfair of an employer to see a stay at home mom as someone who took time off-let me tell you-there are so many days where being at home is MORE work than handling an extra busy nursing shift! All the multitasking, self-control, prioritizing-these are mad skills that any employer should value!

  4. I’m a SAHM looking to get back into full-time employment It’s been so difficult! I’m referencing this blog post on my resume. Lol. It’s perfect!

  5. I don’t doubt this is an issue at all. women who have children are always looked at in a work place as being unreliable now or more sensitive a whole lot of other bs. i love your writing on this!

  6. Such a woderful opened letter. It can be tricky returning to work if you have been a SAHM for awhile. However, you bring up some excellent points.

  7. After I got made redundant 2 years ago I found ir really hard to find work as a mum as I wasn’t willing to be flexible with my hours. Since then I got a part-time job at a school and I work from home. Mum’s are hard workers.

  8. Such a perfect read for international women’s day!!! Loved it! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Too bad if they are reluctant to hire moms really. And in the first place, why would they be?

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