Home remedies for cold & congestion in toddlers

What to do when toddler has cold and stuffy nose

I blame lack of wine in my system that I end up taking motherhood way too seriously than I should. Frankly, I was never scare easy but these days I am chicken little. Seeing my little one struggle or suffer in slightest way always feel like an epic parenting fail, few weeks back, when my baby boy had his first ever cold and congestion, I felt extremely helpless. As if cold and congestion wasn’t bad enough, he was excessively teething as well, leaving me disheartened. Sometimes you just can’t do anything but to wait for it to pass. Same is the case with common cold in toddlers. I messaged my doctor, he suggested we nebulize him but it wasn’t working as fast as I wished. I wanted him to have some immediate relief.  Following are home remedies for common cold  and congestion, which, helped me. In the end, you have to follow what the doc says but these home remedies for common cold in toddlers worked great for me. Fortunately, my little one has no allergies to any food or seeds but if your baby is strictly following doctor’s advice is the best way-out.

Roasted carom seeds

Every since I was a kid, my mom has been using carom seeds for practically all ailments. I call them magic seeds; be it stomach ache, sore throat, weight loss or common cold. Be it for adults, kids or toddlers these can be easily used in several forms. You can roast carom seeds on gas and put it in 100 percent cotton pouch. For infants, just put it next to their heads, where they can breathe in aroma. For toddler, you can compress it slightly on forehead and chest. Do it twice or thrice the day or whenever your baby is sleeping. This will open up their chest and make breathing easy.

Nebulizer & saline drops

Nebulizing or cold mist with saline drops is more effective than putting saline drops directly in nose. It is less annoying for babies and toddlers as well. Who likes saline drops shot in their stuffed noses. It always works for my baby boy. It opens up the nose and makes breathing easier, but my doctor prescribed it twice a day and it wasn’t enough for rest of the day.

Steamed bathroom

This one was suggested by mom friends around me and it actually is one of the best ideas. Just before you are about to take your baby for bath, leave hot water on in bathroom for sometime. When it becomes steamy take your baby and sit in the washroom. It is very difficult and dangerous to give toddlers steam, this way you can give your little one steam and all of its benefits. It does wonder especially before bedtime.

Snot Sucker

Nebulizing softens mucous and then what? Same mucous goes down baby’s throat, causing cough and worsening congestion. That’s where our biggest life saver comes in, SNOT SUCKER. You will not realize how important having snort sucker is till the time your baby gets her first cold. I loved Frieda’s snot sucker. It is a life saver. I am not getting any money for writing this blog or review, it is just a mom’s opinion. It is a MUST have during toddler’s cold and congestion.

Open air

We usually tend to keep babies indoor when they are sick but unless it is advised by doctor to stay indoor, you should take your little one out during common cold. Fresh air does wonders to health, heart and mind. Its imperative to keep distance with other kids because cold is contagious.

Essential oil diffuser

I am strong believer in everything natural. Therefore, using essential oils is just part of our daily routine. Using/ diffusing eucalyptus and lemon essential oils is really helpful when toddler has cold and congestion.

Vapor rub

I don’t like to apply vapor rub on my baby boy’s body directly but I realized because of cold it was getting difficult for him to breastfeed. So, I applied a little bit of baby vapor rub on neck and collarbone so that he can indirectly inhale and breastfeed easily.


Like they say, it always takes a village, my village is my friends in my community, amazing league of moms on WhatsApp group and my family. Whenever any of moms need suggestion and help, fellow moms always come forward with awesome ideas and problem goes away. Most of the home remedies to fight cold mentioned in this write up were suggested by my friends and family.

We moms, we just can give up and we can’t see our babies suffer. Small little ideas can be great help and comforting for both mom and child.

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  1. Oh great, glad I found this. My boys are not feeling well right now because of cold. They don’t want to drink a single medicine and I am looking for a home remedies that can help them to feel well.

  2. Such a great post. This can be very helpful especially for kids. We know that having cold is very uncomfortable for them.

  3. When my kids have colds and coughs I always gave them a saline drops and after sucking it with nasal aspirator and if his cough and cold clogged getting worst nebulizing him is the best way for me to do.

  4. I remember my mum used to use the snot sucker on me as a kid, and it worked wonders! Why fix what’s not broken? I’ll be using it on my own kids too, one day!

  5. I did not know a lot of these! Except for Vapor Rub as I remember my mum putting that on me as a child and I hated it haha! Anyway I shall definitely be using some of these in the future 🙂

  6. These are great tips! I was looking for some natural remedies for my kids and found your post. Thank you!

  7. These are some great tips to cure cold in toddlers. I usually do carom seeds for my kids. Thanks for sharing.

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