How to set baby’s routine?

For all first time parents, setting baby’s routine is a Herculean task. With sleepless nights and foggy minds everything is jumbled up in our heads and we don’t know what to do? Where to start from? My baby naps in the morning, when do I give her breakfast? Should we bathe baby in the morning or at night? When should we do baby’s massage? What time should be baby’s dinner? When should baby wake up and sleep? We have tons of questions but not enough energy to actually workout the plan. So, here are easy 5 steps which I took.

Step 1: Analyse your own routine

First step is to look inwards and see what’s your routine ? Post baby we often want to change our lifestyles overnight and just do what is right for the baby. I tried it and boy what a bad idea it was, mainly for two reasons.

1 Your routine depends on your job and other responsibilities. You might not be able to sustain the “new post baby routine” for long if it doesn’t comply with your responsibilities.

2 Baby will be more comfortable if you are comfortable. Period. If you will change your routine way too much it will end up frustrating everyone.

Step 2: Make sure you have a routine and NOT a schedule

If you will ask your parents or grandparents they will tell you they never had a set schedule. You have to take it easy and realize there is a difference between routine and schedule. Routine is bathing your little one everyday. Schedule is trying to bathe baby everyday at 11am. Don’t be too fussy about the schedule, when you start baby routine it has to be on baby’s clock. With newness that comes along with baby you don’t want more stress of over complicated schedule in your life. Take cues from your baby and follow your routine.

Step 3: Make a TO-DO List

Write down all the activities/tasks you want to incorporate in your baby’s routine. No matter how small or big it is, everything should be written in a flow chart of when you want to do it. Think of it as your To-Do list for little one. Then write down your routine. Just writing it all down will bring a lot of clarity. You can now compare and prioritize what tasks you can do with your baby and what you can do while the baby is resting. Key about making baby’s routine is to balance and merge it with your own routine, so that it’s super smooth for everyone.

Most importantly, while writing down routine, make sure you take out at least one hour of ME time for yourself. It can be for anything that you like doing but mommy ME time is non negotiable.

Step 4: Dry Run

Then comes the first day when you try and execute the routine you have created for your baby. Even though it is a dry run (to see how things go) it is important that you go with the flow and not get hasseled if things are not working out as per you planned. Note down the deviations and habits of your baby, which led to deviations in routine or something you discovered that made tasks simpler. Add those to the next day’s routine. Keep working on it and keep improvising.

A small tip: instead of keeping a specific time, set start and end time for the said activity eg. Breakfast between 7am to 9am. I can tell you with my personal experience it doesn’t work in one day and one day it will work miraculously. Besides, routine can be entirely disrupted during growth periods. Therefore, being flexible and open minded is the best way to keep your sanity while setting a routine for your baby.

Step 5: Slow and steady wins the race

This can’t be truer, when talking about baby’s routine. Once you know what all you want to do during the day, all the activities are on paper, you know in which direction your day is flowing. There is a set path and no confusion, so it becomes easier to stick to the routine. Consistency and perseverance will get you to your desired routine. Gradually, you will notice even your baby knows what to expect in the day. They start looking forward to their play ground time or play dates. Which means more your baby gets comfortable with routine more relaxed your life becomes.

For first 6 months the routine I had was feed, burp, diaper, sleep, play and repeat. My effort to make a routine for my started after he turned seven months. That’s when I religiously started giving him solids and I wanted to incorporate concept of breakfast, lunch and dinner for my baby. I was so confused when I started it. My baby was still napping three to four times a day and he was breastfeeding as well. So, it actually took some time for me to figure out how to do it. Therefore, I decided to write down these steps to set baby’s routine. I hope these are equally helpful for you as well.

Next week I will be talking to my village aka my mommy friends and come up with some sample routines and share with you guys

Until Next Tuesday

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  1. a while back my aunt was struggling with getting her 2 gets on a routine… i wish i found this post earlier so i could share it with her (i am still sharing it though, maybe she’ll find some additional help). Thanks.

    • You are welcome!!! Please let me know her feedback as well. If she found it useful?

  2. No kids here but I find this interesting because I think a lot of time adults forget how helpful it is to have a routine just for themselves.

  3. This is really solid advice for any new parents. Children are such a learning curve I think the best way to go into it is to be flexible!

  4. This is such a perfect post for my friends who recently gave birth to her little angel and I know it will be a great help for her if she will have a chance to read this. I will definitely share this with her, thanks for sharing!

  5. It’s so much better having a routine and once I have it down for each baby or child your good to go! Great post!

  6. It is so important to have or make a routines once your baby arrived and these tips are so helpful most especially to those first time moms.

  7. These are great tips it will be a great help to those first time that are so clueless of what are the things that will come once the baby’s arrive/d

  8. even in day to day life I need to do lists! I don’t get much done without them I am constantly distracted! So I believe they are essential to life as mom where there are a million more distractions!

    • Yeah !! Plus mommy brain doesn’t help either. We keep forgetting stuff. Thank you once again for reading. 😊

  9. Great tips for any mom. I think number 4, be flexible, is the most important. Babies often tend to do thinks in their own times

  10. When our baby comes, come December – we just need to be FLEXIBLE. My husband and I already are for the most part (him way more than me), so I am not SUPER concerned but there are a few things I do in my life that I just can’t not do, so I am going to see how I am going to fit them in!

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