13 Things I love about my post-baby life

Last week when I finished writing my blog on how I miss so many things from my pre-baby life, it got me thinking, Will I change anything from my present life after baby? Am I happier now? How having a baby has brought me and my husband closer? How a tiny person can turn my life upside down, still make it the best way I have ever lived? All these questions and thoughts made me decide that this week I will write about all the things I cherish and absolutely love about my post-baby life.

1 Feeling of being a mom: Yeah Yeah !! I used to wake up every day pretty late or whenever I wanted to. Yes! I could spend hours doing my hair and tons of other things but this feeling. When you have half slept still you have never been happier or woke up with a bigger smile. The feeling, where you are tripping all the time. Feeling where you have giddiness for no reason. That’s the feeling of being a mom. Feeling of soft breeze blowing, when it’s neither too cold nor too hot. It neither too fast nor too slow. Just sweet caress of wind blowing, that’s the feeling of being a mother. Constant euphoria is what I will call motherhood. Now, tell me would you like to trade this feeling for anything in the world.

2 I feel the strongest: Being a woman, we all go through a lot of biases no matter where we come from. But when I was pregnant and when I delivered my baby boy, strength, I felt inside me cannot be expressed in words. As if, god answered all my questions about inequality in one shot. We, women are the only ones who has the strength of keeping human race alive. We are the only ones who can give birth and bring new life in this world. How strong womanhood is or how woman is God’s strongest creation, was answered to me when I gave birth. My baby boy has brought sense of strength in my life, which will now forever stay.

3 Our house is now HOME: No matter how cliche that may sound, but there is indeed something warm, fuzzy and genuinely happy about a house when you enter and see baby stuff. The house feels better than smelling freshly baked cookies. The giggles, laughter and innocence, it’s just there. You can feel it in the vibes and aura of the house. Energy is of a baby in the house is as marvelous as a rainbow. Before baby it was just a warm cozy house, now it’s our magical home. My pre-baby life was happening but now its magical. He is our magic.

4 Baby smell: While we are talking about magic, euphoria and nirvana, we might as well talk about that intoxicating baby fragrance. When you snuggle your baby he is all of you and then some more. His tiniest form can fill up your heart and mind. Everyday I wake up and get to hug this bundle of joy which smells like strawberries topped with chocolate and something divine. If you ask any mom she will say the same thing, my baby’s smell is the best. My pre- baby life had a lot of expensive colognes but none of them could calm my senses the way my baby’s smell does.

5 We are a family now: Yes! Personal time is less, we are chatting or texting most of the time to have adult conversation but and this is a BIG BUT, we are laughing more, we have made more memories as a couple or parents in this last one year than we had in all our marriage. It no longer feels like live in relationship, it feels like family. Our love has created our baby and our baby has made us into a family. My pre baby self is surprised that all the madness is what we want

6 Inspires me to do better: A few years back our friend was blessed with a baby and he told us ever since he has become a parent, he feels like being a better person. Honestly, we didn’t get it then. It has taken a lot of good and bad experiences for me to finally figure out who I am? But this perception changes. Pre baby me would have said “my way or the high way”. Post baby me knows there is always a scope to do better, be better and I want to lead by example. He inspires me to see brighter side of things.

7 Healthier life style: We don’t want our kids to eat sugar, junk food, exercise, respect themselves, not smoke, not take drugs and all other good things. As a parent, you have to do it first, only then you can expect your baby to adapt. So, in short post baby me is really happy that I am now absolutely focused of having healthier life style.

8 I feel beautiful: Beauty standards are set by either the world or advertising world. We women spend half our lives to match up to them (including me myself). I have spent months looking at my post-baby body. All the stretch marks and baggy skin have definitely made me uncomfortable. But, even my pre-baby self has fought against body shaming. After shaking off the initial dilemma, I realized what’s beauty? Beauty for me being happy, honest smile on my lips that reaches my eyes. When my baby looks at me with his eyes full of all love in this world and gives me his cute smiles, I smile back at him. I am shining and glowing with love radiating out of me. In that moment I realized I have never felt more beautiful. No matter how my postpartum body is… I feel beautiful.

9 New burst of confidence: I did take a sabbatical after my baby was born. Usually, women feel scared of taking a break from work. I am not denying I am not one of them. I am nervous as hell for going back to work. Finding a job might be more difficult post baby sabbatical but I feel if god thinks I am capable enough to take responsibility of another life , I can definitely take care of a job which is just 9 hour of my day.

10 My mornings are glorious: Before our little boy came in our lives, mornings were pretty much routine. Get ready, peck on a cheek of my husband and just step out. Now, it’s all about morning cuddles, smiles, musical rhymes, hugs and giggles. Not one morning goes by when I don’t get up and smile. My baby is making my heart healthier and stronger.

11 Perks of Co-sleeping: It’s not just mornings. Since, we co-sleep, sleeping for me has never been more peaceful. Like all new parents I haven’t had any sleep for initial few months but as my is baby growing, hugging and sleeping him has been most blissful experience of my life. It’s one of the biggest perks of motherhood and I do sleep like a baby.

12 Never a dull moment: Before baby, if my husband or me wasn’t home our home used to so quiet. I could enjoy the peace for few minute, may be an hour but if he was gone for a trip, my home won’t feel like home after a while. But, now I have a little baby boy, he plays, squeals, giggles, laughs, crawl around, plays with my pup. In short, my home is now always buzzing with happy sounds.

13 More grateful each day: I have always believed in the power of gratitude. I try to be thankful for my very existence. In the end, we are all humans and when there are tough times, we all have our dark thoughts and moments, that makes us question it all. Having a baby, praying for his health, seeing him growing up has made it easier for me. Adult me still have a lot to do and face but looking at my baby I know, he is always on top of the list of my gratitude journal everyday for rest of my life.

So in totality, has life changed? Yes!

Do I miss my pre baby routine? Sometimes!

If I can go back in time and change anything? Not one single thing.

Thanks for reading, until next Tuesday

Mum mum ma say relax and keep breathing 🙂 <3

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  1. I LOVE this! There are so many changes when you have a child, it’s good to take a step back sometimes and appreciate just how much better they make life. 🙂

  2. Being a mother is like no other, it is an amazing journey and the most difficult job all rolled into one.

  3. I love that you have these moments. I agree with all of these, my littles are the best. Of course there are days where its harder. I know one of my biggest lessons becoming a mom was learning you freakin selfish I am. But my kids keep me honest and humble. It is the hardest thing I have ever done, being a mom, but also the most rewarding.

  4. All the smiles, giggles, and snuggles were my favorite things about the baby days. Now that my kiddos are older, I miss those times (even though I’ve enjoyed all phases of their childhood).

  5. 13 great points here. Being a parent is life changing, challenging but wonderful and you gave some really great information about why you love it so. It sounds like you are a great parent.

  6. As a mother of 3, I related so much to everything you said! There are so many things I miss (like sleeping past 7am on a weekend!) but I wouldn’t trade being a parent for anything!

  7. Oh my, I just love everything about your post. Motherhood is the most beautiful thing in this world.

  8. What a lovely post to read and so positive! I love the thought of being a mum in the future and having all these amazing feelings you list. Lovely post.

  9. This is such a great post. Motherhood truly changed my life for the better. Sure, some days are good some are bad but at the end of the day, nothing beats the joy I feel when I hold my son to sleep.

  10. very inspiring post! It makes me want to have a baby which we plan on working on very soon. Thanks for motivation!

  11. This is a great article and truly a good one to read especially to all mother’s out there. Post baby moment is the best one, you get to be a happy and always inspire to see the blessings from above.

  12. Wow! This is such a lovely post and very inspiring too. Loved the way you handle this situation, keep the family happy.

  13. I would love to go back to pre-baby routine. It may be routine, but I functioned so much better. My boys are getting older, and it’s definitely better than the baby years. So I guess slowly we are reverting back to the way things used to be.

  14. I really appreciate this post and relate to each and every one of these! You did an excellent job of expressing the beauty of motherhood. Being a parent is simultaneously the most difficult and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Having a daughter gives me the strength to aim to be the best woman I can be.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I agree. And wow a daughter!!! A little version of you. Enjoy baby days they fly away so fast

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