13 Things I Miss About Pre-Baby Life

There were days when I used to feel I was too damn busy. Working almost 12 hour a day, going to gym, spending time with my hubby, meeting family and friends, managing household chores and still trying to take out time for myself. Gosh!!! I was juggling way too much, at least I thought I did. Then I became a MOM and don’t even get me started on how busy I know I am now. If I was multitasking before now it feels I am running a corporate organization. After all, taking care and upbringing another human being, your own blood, your own baby, who is totally dependent on you for every little thing, can definitely change the definition of “Being Busy. Any new parent reading this will be nodding their heads in agreement right now, no matter how busy we thought we were before baby it is nothing in comparison to how our routines have changed after baby. So, what’s exactly changed and why. Here are top 13 changes in my routine after baby. Do let me know yours in comments.

1 Sleeping till late is long forgotten. Being sleep deprived is the first and most common change in any new parent’s life. Fun fact: Meaning of my son’s name is god of dawn, we never thought he will take so seriously. He gets up at 6am every day, no matter what time he sleeps at night. Lol!! Joke is on us.

2 Going to toilet is now a matter of public announcement and apparently “any one can come in” zone. Privacy is now an illusion. So many times my husband would ask my why do I announce it? Answer is -” it’s an official handover of baby duty till the time I come back.” He never asked me the question again and promptly announces when he is going to do his business.

3 There was a time I could finish two books in a day as “Me time”. Now, I can’t read one page without the book being snatched or pages torn. How I used to love smell of pages and feel of holding the book in my hand (deep sigh), I miss it. Now, I no longer detest ebooks, that’s what I survive on.

4 Watching a new movie every weekend was a another normal for us, presently, I don’t even know the names of movies released in last one year or so. There is something about popcorns you get in movie halls. I can feel the smell warm popcorn and buttery taste, but actually eating it at the cinemas, might take little longer. If you are suggesting rely on rental movies, been there done that. Our biggest challenge is to complete the whole movie within 24 hour rental duration.

5 It’s not just movies, I am actually glad a lot of my favorite TV shows like GOT are not releasing any new season this year. Timings of my shows are always colliding with nap/sleep time. Plus, as he is growing up he has started noticing TV more. I really want to restrict the screen time and more importantly content he watches. So, I have bid farewell to all adult content shows. Deep Sigh…

6 I don’t remember ever stepping out of the house without a visit with my hair dresser because I have extremely frizzy hair and they can make or break my look. Now, my hair dresser thinks I have moved to another country. Good hair days are far too less and sparse.

7 I have never really enjoyed eating my food too fast. I like savor each bite and enjoy my food. These days I eat like my pup Sparky. Actually, it’s a race who wolfs down their food faster and I am a winner. Now, that’s saying something.

8 Ohhh!!! This one is too good. Gone are my long showers. Earlier my mom, later my hubby, each and every family member of mine has made fun of my never ending showers and bathroom singing concert, which is performed and enjoyed by me and myself. Yes!! That! They don’t exist any more. Forget singing, I am trying to be as quiet as possible while showering, so that i don’t wake up my napping baby.

9 I remember sitting with my dear husband, all day or on weekends chatting endlessly on every damn topic on this earth. Post baby I have to make a list of “topics to discuss” and discussion has to be wrapped up in ten minutes. There are times when our baby is sleeping and we chat with each other over texts about important stuff.

10 Then there were those days, when we were sitting at home on weekends without shower and no plans to be anywhere. We would just have some food craving or a call from friends and we will out of door in max half hour. Now after having a baby being spontaneous means “inform me a week in advance or forget it!”.

11 Leaving from house, no more means shower, breakfast (if you have time) and run. Now it means. Get ready, give baby a bath, clothe him (trust me it’s a task), feed him, make sure baby doesn’t sleep before you guys step out because then you don’t want to wake him in middle of nap (bad IDEA!!), have is diaper bag prepared in advance. On top of it, I never get how my baby always poop when I am just stepping out. It’s like “mom! One last poo poo run.” Leaving home is now a full blown project.

12 I have been really big on being punctual (especially for formal events), as you have already read above 10 points you know being on time is kind of difficult these days. I thank my stars every day because I don’t work right now, I still have room. God only know how will I ever reach office on time once I decide to go back to work.

13 Pre- baby body: I think all new moms who are reading this will know what I am talking about. Earlier those extra pounds used to scare us not postpartum weight haunts us and don’t even get me started on stretch marks and bulging wiggly skin. If getting in shape was difficult earlier now it is as painful as sitting in a dentist’s chair.

Life changes, that’s what it’s suppose to do. We change. Change is the only constant. But this change has been the best in my life. I know even this routine won’t last for long. My baby will grow up, start going to school, then college and start his own life. My baby sparrow will fly away from nest. Routines will keep changing but what’s not going to change is the eternal feeling of being blessed or kissed by god for brining our little baby in our lives. So, while I miss above things from my pre-baby life, my next blog will be about things I absolutely love and cherish about my post-baby life.

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  1. It’s funny what you miss when your babies grow. Sometimes I miss having my bump and a life inside me just wriggling around knowing that my body is doing that!

    • Oh yes!! I miss it too. At times I just look at him and thing he was inside me for 9 months and now he is toddling around 🙈😂😘❤️

    • You are lucky if you look the same. I gained almost 40 pounds plus. So, I am really trying hard to get fit again.

  2. This is such a great read and I really enjoyed it a lot. I missed a lot of things that I used to do before but to tell you honestly I am more than happier in my present life because I was being blessed of two beautiful angels in my life.

    • Yeah! I know! That’s why my this week’s post of about my post baby life and what I cherish most about it ❤️

  3. Flash forward to a 9, 6, 6 and 2 year old…I still dont know what movies or TV shows are currently relevant, but I am getting back some of my book and ‘me’ time. Sigh. Hang in there mama!

    • Oh wow!!! 4 babies. I am so tired with one. Lol !!! Hats off to you. How do ever get anything done? Hahahaha!!! Thanks for reading 😊❤️

  4. Right on ! You nailed every aspect of it ! Loved reading this and seing that we are not alone living this disaster ..

    • Hahaha !! Yeah tell me about it. We are together in this . ❤️❤️❤️

  5. I can relate to this on so many levels, especially the long showers and sleeping in. I vaguely remember the days when I could spend 30+ minutes in the shower. Now its a maximum of 3 minutes (as embarrassing as it is to say)! Great read!

    • Hahahahaha!!! Comes with the territory I guess. Thank you for reading 😊

  6. NIce one! I enjoy reading your post. And I couldn’t agree more, in fact I was even laughing when you are pointing out some stuff that you can’t longer enjoy. But the best part is.. “But this change has been the best in my life’. Keep it up!

  7. I do agree with these things. Me, I missed a lot of things like eating slowly, sometimes I missed my shower and missed to pee. You know, there are a lot of changes when you are going to be parents and I think we should embrace it and let it happen because I believe giving a chance to be a parents is a gift.

  8. Oh wow, I missed all of these too. But I can say that my life is happier now ith my kids.

    • hahaha !!! More strength to you!!! I am kind of done after having one.

    • All the best girl!!! Don’t be scared with this one. Next week I will be writing about what I cherish most in my post baby life. Please read it for encouragement 😀

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