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How to absorb every second of your baby growing?

It’s just one of those days when everything from your work to traffic has been crappy. You are tired, stressed, over worked and having a splitting headache. You walk into the house thinking how am I supposed to put up a happy face for my little one after the kind of day I have had? I am sure tons of fathers go through the same emotions. But to their surprise, it is absolutely effortless. Especially, when a tiny baby crawls with his chubby little body towards his daddy dearest with all the excitement he can muster in his tiny being, smiling is the easiest thing to do in that moment. Stress has flown away with the headache and the only emotion that now exists is of serene, sweet contentment. It’s a feeling of drinking cold glass of water on a hot sunny day or how you feel when you enter warm house on a cold night. That’s how ‘we’, me and my husband, feel when he hold our little boy in our arms. However, the biggest question we ask ourselves is how do we bottle every little moment and memories with our little one?

This one is for you, hubby dearest!!!

The reason, this question came to my mind or why I am even writing this blog today is my HUSBAND. He asked me to write one on how these little moments are precious and fleeting, instead, I decided to write on how much he cherishes them and how his whole world revolves around his baby. He asked me a simple question “how can I capture the way he looks at me right now, with so much love and light?!”. He was wondering how can he save this memory in his mind without letting time fade it. He wanted to see the same smiling face of our baby, when ever he closes his eyes, be it after 15 years or 20 years from now. He just wanted the moment to stay as fresh as it was then.

His few words simply amazed me. He amazed me. Fathers are amazing. Fathers are like molten chocolate lava cake, hard crust and gooey inside. I would never understand why society expects men to be hard core and women to be overly sensitive all the time? Why a man, who expresses his emotions is considered weak? I strongly feel people who can express themselves without any fear are the bravest of all. So, why a father can’t have tears of happiness when he sees his son walk for the first time?

Father’s always have unique ways of showing their love. Their days are spent in offices, working there asses off, so, that they can give his children a life, which he didn’t have or he wanted to have. I believe every son his richer than his father, a father ensures that.

Father deserve better paternity leave system

Times are changing but still it’s men who are largely considered bread earners of the house. They still have the responsibility of entire household on them. We want fathers to be hands on with babies but also expect them to return to work, just after 15 days of paternity leave. I wonder at times would I have been able to take a sabbatical had my husband not supported me? Answer is obviously, No! I would have missed so many wonderfully precious moments I have had with my baby. I am able to be kind of mother I wanted to be, because he is father of my child. It’s a team work. It’s not an option. In my ideal world, where everyone is equal, fathers will get more time to spend with their little ones. Right now, it still seems like a dream but may be one day. Probably. Definitely.

Fathers & their unique way of showing love

Talking about strange ways of showing love it reminds me of how I was using the same phone for quite sometime. It didn’t bother me. It was working in good condition and I am not someone who likes to update her gadgets every second. Like all parents, I am constantly clicking pictures our baby and having DSLR around for instant pictures is impossible, without saying or asking, he just got me a new phone with best camera, so that we have the best pictures. He said this camera is the only way he gets to see every new thing that our baby does and he wanted to ensure, I have the best way of capturing all these special moments. Fathers!!! There are tons of such small and big examples. It’s not about the money, toys or clothes. It’s about, whether they are traveling, working, sleeping or dreaming, all they think about is their family, all the time.

So, here I am, on this blog talking about how every minute of our fast growing baby is special because tonight my husband’s one question made me feel more emotional than I usually am. He was thinking about how to capture his moment with the baby and I am hoping this blog not only makes this moment immortal for him but for our son as well. When he grows up and reads this, he would know how he is the sun, moon and all the stars in between for his father and me. Here’s hoping my blog gives my dearest husband a Father’s Day gift he will love forever. A memory captured and capsuled in words.

Happy Father’s Day, my love

Mum Mum Ma – Loving Mommyhood 🙂

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  1. This is beautiful. I am always wanting him to take more pictures of me and the girls but I rarely capture moments of him with them. They grow and change so fast and it is such a gift to capture moments in both pictures and words before they are gone.

  2. I completely agree that it is totally normal for a man to express his emotions! I think it shows bravery but also that he is a human-being that he can show how proud he is of his children or excited to see that first step. This is a great tribute and I really enjoyed reading it.. thank you!

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