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He is 5!!!! High Five!!! Hurray

This week, this month, this year… all of it has been one of the best, in my life till now. I am excited and thrilled to see how both my boys (my 11 month baby and 5 year old pup) are growing up so beautifully. Waves of emotions surging inside me are tsunami size but not catastrophic at all. Instead, they are beautiful waves of delightness that I want to bathe in everyday.

As I am Writing this blog, my furry baby is celebrating his 5th birthday and soon my baby boy will turn 1. My gorgeous pup is now a full grown, in his prime, handsome looking stud doggie and these last 5 years have been divine blessing. I have seen him chew off our credit cards as a puppy, chase after balls and squirrels as growing up dog and today he is a mature big brother. He is our first baby and will always have most special place in our hearts but the way he acts around my little baby boy, it makes me want to love him even more and thank my stars. I am feeling nostalgic right now and I want to tell all my dear doggy mommies out there how we got out perfect puppy?

Along came “Sparky”

We were going for a house party at a friend’s house. Very close to their house was a pet shop. We were waiting for signal to turn green, when I saw bunch of puppies in that shop. They were in transition or what, I really don’t know. I squealed in delight. Absolutely shocking and scaring my husband half to death. He applied breaks getting wondering what happened and why I screamed? But when I told him there were puppies and I wanted to see them. He gave me a “don’t you ever do that again, while I am driving look!!!!” and said no. We had been on and off about getting a dog for quite sometime now and when I asked my husband to go to shop (just to look… obviously and nothing else!!!), “I am not falling for that one!” – is what he said. After annoying couple of cars behind us, followed with lots of promises that I won’t ask him for a puppy and we will just play for a few minutes, he finally agreed and decided to go inside the shop, while I rolled eyes, because I know he loves dogs as much I do, may be even more than I do. So, there we were. Out of no where in a pet shop, absolutely unplanned, just playing with puppies.

I was playing with those little fur balls and trying to live the moment of playing with so many puppies at once. But, in the other part of shop, my husband was just standing there looking at one particular puppy. After having my fill of play and calls from our friends I went to call him. I called him couple of times but he didn’t respond, it was like he was in an alternate universe having secret conversation with a tiny beagle puppy. Puppy was trying hard to stay away and look at my hubby, as if calling him. My husband was in love at first sight. His small puppy face and big droopy eyes stole his heart. After I brought him back to the real world, we sat in our car and went to our friend’s place.

The entire party and drive home, my husband was quiet and after a lot of coaxing he finally said “I want that puppy”. I will never forget look that he had in his eyes. He said it broke his heart to leave that puppy in the crate. He just didn’t want to imagine him growing up with some other family. And in that moment, we both knew he is going to be our first dog/baby together. Since, that day I believe I will always be doggy mommy first. We googled pet store’s number, called up the guy (thankfully there was his mobile number) and told him we will be there first thing in the morning to bring our first puppy home.

It’s incredibly insane how much a dog can love you! I have been around dogs all my life, but this was my husband’s first puppy ever. If you are a dog lover reading this, then you know what I am talking about. The feeling of getting your first pup. The one which feels right. The one that just steals your heart. The one which is meant to be. He has been that ONE for us and now he turns 5.

Sparky & Sonny Bonding

I have seen my pup growing up and behaving maturely overnight especially after the baby came. It was like he knew, he is a big brother now and started behaving accordingly. I can’t believe how gentle and calm he is with him. Frankly, initially I was scared. I was scared how they will bond together or will he be jealous of him. All my worries were in vain. For him it was just one more pack member to love and be loved by. So, if you have same worries, just relax, bonding will happen between pup and baby, that’s inevitable, they will love each other and they are going to be best friends but you and your partner have to be that bridge. You have to ensure your doggie baby accepts the new member of the pack and loves him right. From the first meeting to first slurpy kiss to first nap together, everything has to be supervised coated with lots of love. Don’t forget the basics like bringing first diaper, first baby clothes from the hospital for your doggy baby to sniff. Take your pup for a long walk before he meets baby for the first time. Tired dog is a happy dog. Show extra love to your pup when he is being nice and kind to the baby, treats are also great at this time. Plus, love and respect work both ways. It is never too early to teach your baby about being gentle with your pup. Keeping an eye when you dog wants to be left alone and relax is also important. Giving him his space is very important. It is imperative, we teach our kids from an early age that dogs aren’t toys, they are family.

Proud, Happy and Grateful Mommy

In the end, all I can say is being baby parent and doggie parent has taught me one thing, there is no fixed recipe to be either or to get it right. All you can do is make a conscious effort of providing safe and comfortable environment for both your babies. Give them time and space to be. Don’t force your pet to be best friend on the first day. Teach your baby from day one to be gentle and kind to your furry one. Lay brick by brick of their unbreakable bond by love and patience. Having dogs for my whole life didn’t prepare me for this but I am trying to learn as it comes. I am not an expert but just a mom trying to do her best. I always wanted my baby to grow up with a loving dog and that’s exactly what we have. I feel grateful for this blessing and sharing my pup “Sparky’s” story with all of you.

Mum Mum Ma – Loving Mommyhood 🙂

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  1. A www this is so awesome. I want to get my sons a dog. I am.going to look into rescue shelters. This is such a sweet story. Thank you for sharing.

  2. An adorable post. Your fur baby is lucky to have such an amazing mom! You clearly are a great animal lover, and I think that’s awesome.

  3. This is so sweet. I have two hounds as well. Our first was just so lovable from the get go. Our second was a rescue and previously abused so he took a looong time to come around but he finally has

  4. Very sweet post. I never had a dog or pet for that matter but I have twin four- year old boys. I think once they don’t need me anymore I will be one lonely momma and will consider getting a dog. They are just like having a child and I am not ready for one more “baby” in my life!

    • Awe! Babies will always need their moms, May you never be lonely 😇. But yes!! No matter how great it is to have a pup, they are like babies and need equal attention. It’s best to have them when we can give them love and time they deserve. 😊😊😊

  5. Such a sweet story. Happy big 5 to Sparky of course. Animals are just as much a part of the family as our human babies. I don’t have a puppy at home but I have a few birds and a rat that I love just as much as you love your little sparky. Thanks for sharing your story and happy blogging to you.

    • Wow!! I am absolutely intrigued by your family. It is definitely an interesting combination and you are right, loving them is greatest joy of our lives. Thanks for reading 😇

  6. Aw, I love this story. I don’t have a baby or a dog, but I did rescue a cat. So, I’m a cat mama and it has been amazing watching her go from starving, afraid, and I’ll to happy, healthy, and plump. This was a beautiful post!

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