How to Overcome the Stress of Being a New Mom

It’s not easy to describe the stress of being a new mom. When someone asks you, “why don’t you hang out with us anymore?” Or “why didn’t you answer my call or message?” Or “you never have time for ya anymore?” Or “you have changed post-baby?!” Don’t you just want to give your most intense stare and flick them on their heads? That’s their answer!!! I am sorry if that sounds rude, but I have a 10-month-old baby who is teething hence, irritated to the teeth and in pain, which he can’t express, and I can’t comprehend. I have a full household to run, and some days catching a breath seems impossible!!! So, how do you think I am doing? How to overcome the stress and tiredness of being a new mom?

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A lot of new moms will relate to my emotional rant. As a new mom, if you are also feeling the same way, then maybe we can help each other out. Today I want to share how I deal with stress and tiredness of being a new mom. Please do share what works for in the comments.

How to Overcome the Stress of Being a New Mom

Spending Time with My Husband

I try to have at least 15 minutes of uninterrupted conversation with my husband. I want to know how his day was and vice versa. What did he do? Did he see something interesting on his way to work? Did he come across some cute puppy? How was his coffee? The conversation about which movie to watch next or what series to binge on. These natural pre-baby talks tone down the chaos of the entire day. Communication is the key. Having a baby should bring us together and not pull us apart.

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Music is the best way to cancel the noise of the outside world. Hold your baby and groove to a beautiful song. Sometimes a slow dance or break into a crazy dance routine. Do whatever your heart desires, but music is definitely the best medicine for stress and tiredness of being a new mom.

Daily Walks

Nothing soothes my tired bones like taking a nice evening walk. When the gentle breeze is caressing your hair, face, body, and mind, while you walk counting your blessings, everything in the world seems just right. At that moment, I forget all the stress and tiredness I feel as a new mom.

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Just being able to share my experiences and knowing I am not the only one is another stress buster. I write blogs so that new moms like me know we are all going through the same. Reading other moms’ blogs helps me understand, and gives me ideas on how to overcome my problems.

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Self-Enforced Weekends

When you are a homemaker, there are no weekends. Your work never ends; there is a baby, laundry, cleaning, kitchen, cooking, and so on. But, once a week, I just take a step back, and that’s my weekend. This means, apart from taking care of the baby (since he is still small and needs me), I don’t do any household chores. It’s an off day. Food is ordered, or we go out. Dishes can be done the next day, and laundry can sit in the basked. A day off is non-negotiable.

Surfing Net at Night

Ohhh !!! This is another favorite of mine. I like to check out news, read articles, chat with my friends, or catching up on my messages. Surfing social media, watching funny videos (on mute), or mindless scrolling on Instagram is something that helps me take off my mind. Plus, having my hands to myself, and not being able to do without switching baby from one side to another is also a highlight. You can tell me I should not look at the screen right before sleeping and more, but again, as I said at this stage of my life, I take “Me Moments” whenever and whenever I get it.

Pamper Yourself

I like a good pampering session as much as anyone. Since there is limited time, I still can’t follow my pre-baby beauty regimen. Despite that, I make it a point to get a nice pedicure at least thrice a month. It is one of my biggest stress busters, and I love getting foot massages. It just feels all the stress and tiredness of being a new mom has been squeezed out of your body. If you enjoy any pampering ritual which relaxes you, make time for it. Oh yes! And my baby loves to play with colored toes. So, I get extra excited about picking my nail colors.

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Living in the Moment

I have learned it the hard way, and I cherish the imperfections of being a new mom. I face difficulties today because tomorrow will be a different moment to live and love in its excellent or maddening glory. Every moment of the first year of motherhood is fleeting. Babies grow up so fast; it seems if you blink, you will miss out their whole childhood. So, if I find a moment, I grab it. Make it my own and run away with it like there is no tomorrow.

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Mamas, this is how I am dealing with the stress and tiredness of being a new mom. I would love to hear yours.

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  1. We aren’t mommies but we are aunties. And know how much time our niece and nephew take up when we babysit them.

  2. Blogging started out as an outlet for me too, my twins were toddlers and going out of the house with 3 under 4 was super hard, so I did all of these.

  3. I completely agree with you. For me too, blogging started as an outlet for expressing myself and my emotions on the days when I felt the most stressed and alone.

  4. I really needed this today! There are so many things I can directly relate to it’s not even funny. I’m on the same page with the weight loss and I get these Atkins chocolate covered almonds to curb my sweet tooth during the week!

  5. As i was reading this, I felt like i wrote the first 4 because they are spot on=) I bought an Echo because I wanted to be able to listen to music but had no hands to turn it on=).

  6. Music, such a good point! I get so much joy having a moment to myself in the car and getting to listen to my own music even if it’s just a song or two. I also love listening to podcasts and audio books : )

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