The LetDown – Netflix Series Review

A show on New Mommies – 3.5 stars

There have been zillion love stories made into movies. A lot of conventional and unconventional movies on marriage and extra marital affairs. But there are hardly any movies or shows on first time mothers and life postpartum. Australian Comic series The LetDown (available on Netflix) is the first series I have watched based on struggles and experiences of new mommies. The show tries to cover various aspects and changes one go through after baby.

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Story is based on the main character Audrey (Alison Bell) who lives with her partner Jeremy (Ewen Leslie) and they have been blessed with a baby girl. Show starts with her joining a mother support group. The support group consists of mothers from diverse backgrounds with different approaches towards motherhood. They come from different nationalities and try to share each other’s experiences.

I would say show has realistically tried to cover most aspects of postnatal life. Different characters playing moms try to showcase various style of upbringing. Sleep depravity, baby not latching, postpartum stress and exhaustion, missing friends and work, desperate need of break even though leaving your baby for a second is disturbing, changes in people’s behavior especially if your friends don’t have kids and just trying to pull yourself through the first few tiresome sleepless months of new Mommyhood.

If your husband is a hands on parent then you might find few aspects of show exaggerated, like i did, otherwise it’s bang on.

All in all it’s an interesting show. A lot of times we, mommies, wonder if it is just happening with us, watching this show will make you feel it’s all part of the game. If I had seen this show at some other phase of my life I wouldn’t have been able to relate to it or it would have been something I just watched because there was nothing else to do. May be it was universe, who wanted me to watch this show and know all is well. Roller coasters are crazy but they make hell of a ride. So is Mommyhood! Amazing content and actors comic timing is pretty good. I have always felt you have to have your wits if you want to enjoy Mommyhood without losing your sanity.

So, all new mommas out there, enjoy this show. There will be moments when you will laugh at the show and at yourself. When you would want to hug or strangle your spouse. When you will find yourself judging or being judged as a new mom. And in middle of all the craziness, you will find yourself just smiling for no reason. In the end I would like to say, The LetDown is quite an upwardly funny show.

Mum Mum Ma – Loving Mommyhood 🙂

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