Postnatal Care: Part 1

You have carried life in your body for nine months, and now that sweet little baby is in your arms. We all know how overwhelming that feeling can be. You are excited, thrilled, nervous, and scared shitless all at the same time. But, mamas you should not ignore postnatal care under any circumstances. A lot of Indian families still follow the traditional forty-day quarantine. Though I didn’t do that, under no circumstances I could have lived without fresh air for so long, but I followed the traditional style of Indian postnatal care to the teeth. My family was my rock during the first three months of my baby’s birth. You know the smartest thing I did? I let them take care of me. Right postnatal care ensures your good physical and mental health for the rest of your life.

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Especially, if you are a new mommy everything superlatively overwhelming. You are dealing with too many things at the same time. Just imagine you have vaginal stitches and just in three days you will be expected to sit crossed legs and feed your baby’s every two hours. I can go on writing and emphasizing how childbirth has affected your body physically but the more important question at hand is how to take care of yourself postnatal? The first step is to accept that your body needs time to heal and let your loved one help you.

Postnatal Care: Let Family and Friends Help

Our lives are incomplete without our family and friends. People who make life worth living, whom you can trust blindly and they will be there for you no matter what. These are people I call your support group. My biggest support pre and postnatal has been my husband. My parents’ presence during the first two months after I delivered helped me a great deal as well. These three people took away all the load from my shoulders. I was only responsible for feeding my baby. Taking care of his needs. The rest of the time I didn’t cook, clean, or did any household chores.

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Mom’s unconditional love flowed in the form of healthiest food and dad’s support was wrapped like a protective shield and rocking the baby when I was not able to soothe him or I was too tired. Often my husband would just take baby & express milk so that I can take a nap. Luckily, his company had a good paternity leave policy and he was able to be with me and the baby for almost a month. During that one month, I don’t remember changing the baby’s diaper even once. My husband’s love and support became my emotional anchor.

To top it, care I received from my parents became my physical strength. I was so cynical during the first two months about the cleanliness around the baby. I wanted everything dusted and cleaned. I know there were times I was highly unreasonable but everyone around me was really understanding. They tried their best to meet my “cleanliness” standards and other irrational demands. I strongly believe if you feel good mentally, you heal better physically. In nutshell, first step of postnatal recovery is having your core support group, your people around you.

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So, ask your mom, dad, husband, cousin, best friends, or anyone else you can depend on for help. Ask them to come and stay with you. Alternate the feedings between formula and breastmilk or pumped milk. Try and sleep. Give diaper duty to the husband or your support person. Don’t shy from asking for help because god knows you need it and you will be utterly grateful to all those who helped you for the rest of your life.

New mommies, I know how difficult it is to accept the new realities of life post-baby. Don’t rush into it. Let your mind heal, let your body heal, and don’t forget to breathe.

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