How I started my Blog?

The Background

How it all started for me? How from one day just sitting and chilling with my baby I decided to start my own blog. Why I felt the need to write about sharing my experiences? There is no one word answer to it. But it has been an ideological journey that I would like to share with everyone who is reading this. May be some day I hope my blog is a read by millions of people and if I am able to inspire even one person to start their own blog, in that case it will be my biggest achievement.

I have loved writing even when I was in 4th class. I used to try and write poems that rhymed for cards I made for my dad. As I grew up, love for writing turned from hobby to full blown passion. It was my love for writing and how social issues affected me that I decided to be a journalist. I wanted to express. I wanted to help and give back to society in any way I can. Journalism at that point of time felt like my calling. But, there is a dreamer side to me. Which every now and then dreams of the world away from reality. I love to weave stories and write them. I have often share my stories with tons of my friends. They were very well received. I even shared a concept of a book that I wanted to write with my husband and he loved it. Till date he asks me to work on it. May be I will someday.

Hitting Rock Bottom

When we moved to New York, I wanted to take a sabbatical and work on my writing. I even planned to join a lot of writing classes but fate had rather beautiful surprise hidden for me in my womb and I got pregnant. For 9 months I didn’t write a word. My pregnancy was emotionally and physically exhausting for me. I was out of ideas and if someone even mentioned a word about writing I wanted to scream, shout, yell and get out of there. There was so much noise in my head that I couldn’t focus enough to write. My husband and I had given up any hope. I thought I have said my goodbyes to writing forever. It made him sad and it made double sad. One he believed in my writing and when I stopped writing, it felt I was not just giving up on my dream but his as well.

Anyways, pregnancy ended on a beautiful note. A happy healthy baby in our arms. Lifestyle in the USA is so different from what I was used to. Like most Indians parents my family was also there to help me out during initial months. But obviously my mom had to go back sometime. And some day I will have to be a big girl and accept the responsibilities of a mother. So, started my efforts of doing best for my baby. I would tell my little achievements, fears or failures my husband. I would read endless blogs. I got a lot of help from different blogs, but I would often tell my husband if there is a mother like me out there, going through the same searches, trying to take care of a little baby along with the house without any help, I would like to be there for her and tell her all will be fine.

Bounce Back… Always!!!

After our several useless discussion during my pregnancy about writing my husband cautiously suggested if I should start my blog. Firstly, I wasn’t sure if I should. I mean who am I ? Why would people like to read my experiences? But after a long time I was thinking of writing again. I started small. A few pieces on journal … a few pieces on Facebook about nature and general stuff to get back my groove. Then one day as if clouds disappeared and there was clarity. I started my Facebook page as a trial. Once again, my Facebook gang loved what I wrote. They could relate to my emotions, this further fueled my courage and excitement, so here I am writing my blog and sharing my experiences with all of you. I hope you all love what I am doing and I am of some help.

But this entire phase has once again made me realized how important it is to have people who love you. Their trust and faith in you is solid like a rock. They refuse to give up on you when you have given up. Those are people you should keep close. Embrace them and take care of them.

Mommies your family is right there, so love your life, live your dreams and don’t forget to breathe.

Mum Mum Ma – Loving Mommyhood 🙂

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