My baby’s first dance

Remember the first time your baby rolled over. The first time your baby came to sitting position. The first time your baby stood up from sitting position. I am sure mommies, all of these moments are forever etched in our hearts and they are the kind of memories, which make you believe in magic of life. One of such moments is when your baby shows interest in music and dances to his own tune. It is cutest sight to witness my little munchkin was bouncing with his hands and bum.

So, this was definitely highlight of my last week. In a way writing blog about this memory is an effort of making it immortal. It was a regular morning, when I was doing my usual household chores and like always I was listening to songs on YouTube. I had played a new song, which I had seen my friend dancing to. One minute I was rinsing dishes and vey next second I saw my little baby boy dancing. The song he chose for his dancing debut is latest number by Hardy Sandhu “Naah”.

Since, then I have played the same song uncountable times, to see if it was a fluke moment but every time songs starts playing, my little one drops everything he is doing and starts dancing. I think I owe big thanks to Hardy Sandhu and my friend for introducing this song.

Mum Mum Ma – Loving Mommyhood 🙂

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