How to Support Your Partner During Pregnancy Mood Swings

During my pregnancy there were times I wanted to stand on top of the mountain and scream, such volatile were my pregnancy mood swings. Scream to the entire world how irked I was. Irked with the weird pains all over my body, tsunami size wave of emotions crashing inside me, not having control over my bladder, my stomach had turned in to a black hole, no matter how much I ate it was never enough and amount of food I was consuming added insane number to my body weight. My mood swings were off the chart. Therefore, today I want to discuss how to support your partner during pregnancy mood swings.

Pregnancy Mood Swings are Aweful!

I was shocked, how overwhelmed I felt due to changes happening in my life. I mean, I am all game for changes. People who know me, know that I welcome them, but “Damn!!!”. Changes mean change the job, shift the house, transfer from a city or even move to another country. On a good day, I can face all the changes head on and won’t even take off my stilettos (which I never wear but in case i wore them). No one tells you pregnancy is like a divine prophecy from the up above about all the life altering, body changing, mind shaping, hormones driven crazy ride and emotionally driving nuts changes. In middle of all this, mood swings are any pregnant woman’s last worry.

So, I am sorry that I am not sorry if I sounded a little… ok not little but a lot crazy and somewhat having out of body experience while I was pregnant. I wasn’t Miss Congeniality for those nine months and there were days I was mean, I could say things I never meant. I would drive my friend, family and my husband crazy( crazy being the understatement of the year or those nine months). Which is exact opposite of my non pregnant self.

Be Patient and Tender During Pregnancy Mood Swings

I pride myself in being self reliant, a kind of person who is pretty chilled out and I try not to judge anyone. I love to have personal space and do my own happy things. I like, if my spouse also does the same but could i have been more clingy and needy than what I was during my pregnancy???? I wanted to be loved, pampered, cared, taken tantrums of and might as being carried as a little kid on the back, just so that I can giggle. This was the extent of being the bag of mixed emotions, I was.

Now that I look back I know it wasn’t easy to love me and live with me. But that’s where love of relationships and their strength comes in. How to love a pregnant woman? When all she is trying to do is drive you away. Because she sure as hell won’t understand any rationality in your point of view till the time she delivers her baby.

Don’t Judge a Woman for her Pregnancy Mood Swings

The most important thing you can do for her is “Don’t hold anything she says or does during pregnancy against her.” I know it may sound “easier said then done”. But nothing awesome comes easy in life. She is going through all emotional and physical changes keeping her eye on the end prize, which is, a healthy and happy baby. You, whether you are a husband, parent or friend try and do the same for her. Be with her on this journey. Because no one would beat herself more for nasty things she said than herself once the baby comes.

No one is going to think how silly she was for asking you every hour of the day, if she is going to be a good mother. Because once the baby comes she will know you can neither be a good nor a bad mother. You are simply a MOTHER. She will feel lame for stopping you from going for boys’ night outs. She will laugh at herself for wanting you to hold her hand, even when you are watching Hera Pheri, fearing she might get emotional. You will get your life and wife both back.

To top it all, tiny little human that she will bring in this world is going to make everything you “suffered” super worth it. Just hang in there, just be with her. Let her be mad, crazy, happy, sad, sloppy, lazy, loving, angry and everything else she wants to be. Because it take each one of those emotions, mood swings and more to bring a life in to this world. Because it takes you and her to make the world worth living. Because in the end, you don’t ever give up on people who matter the most in your life.

Mum Mum Ma – Loving Mommyhood 🙂

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    • Yeah and on top of it a pregnant woman can’t really express what’s going on inside her with all the hormones and pains and what not. We just have to keep our eye on the end prize. A little munchkin to love forever ❤️❤️❤️

  1. Pregnancy is such a special time and that what we look forward. No one tells you what your body goes through. I know the feeling all too well. Even though the changes are hard it’s an amazing experience

  2. Yes girl! Tell ‘me how it is! Definitely was a lot crazy during my second pregnancy. Luckily, there are people out there that understood and I will forever be grateful. Thanks for a great read!

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