The Story of My Baby Sabbatical!

I decided to take a baby sabbatical! All my professional dreams and future goals were put on break. Why? Because I wanted to live the BIGGEST dream that I ever dreamt. Because, I wanted to see my infant grow into an intriguing, curious and fun loving toddler, hence, sabbatical was the best idea I have ever had.

Why I Decided to Take Baby Sabbatical

I wanted to wake up snuggling with him, without worrying about reaching office on time. I wanted to bask in his cuddles and toothless smiles. I didn’t want to be in hurry of being some where or do something. I didn’t want to come back home exhausted with either work or bummed out due to office stress, so SABBATICAL it was. I wanted to see him touch his toes for the first time. I didn’t want to miss when he crawled for the first time. I wanted to pay attention on his first words instead of constantly checking my phone for important emails.

Hold him, snuggle him, cuddle him, love him, adore him, shower him with zillion kisses and then some more without worrying about answering to any boss is the biggest reason why I took this sabbatical.

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From working 12 hours a day to spending leisure time with my cute little heart, the life has been an amazing journey so far. I will be eternally grateful to the universe that I was given this opportunity and I was able to spend this time with my little munchkin. But, it is entirely your decision if you want to have a baby or not. If you want to take a baby sabbatical or not.

Time to Say Bye-Bye to Baby Sabbatical

I have finally started preparing myself. Its time to say bye-bye to this “sabbatical” and now am gearing up to join the adult world again. Even though, lessons that I have learnt during my sabbatical, no job, no college can teach. Having a baby has truly taught me the meaning of leaving in the moment.

Being a first time mom, my mind is flooded with questions. Am I ready to leave my baby in stranger’s care for most part of the day? Will I be able to balance my work with my baby and husband? Will I be able to do justice to all the roles in my life? Am I going back to work too soon? I don’t think there is not any right or wrong answer to these questions. I guess it comes with the territory of Mommyhood.

No amount of love is enough, no amount of attention you give to your child is enough and no matter how much time you spend with your little one is enough.

Though I do realize that some where this blissful sabbatical has to end. I have to go back to being a full time working mom. His every month birthday leaves me and my hubby amazed, how time passes away in a blink. He was so tiny and fragile when we brought him home. We were even scared to hold him. Now, he crawls like a master and explores every corner of house. Soon, he will be running around and jumping, playing with us. Talking our ears off. The thrill of seeing him grow comes with a pang of pain that every part of his littleness is a fleeting moment, which again bring me back to same feeling. I am so glad I took this sabbatical. This one year by far has been the best phase of my life and I want to engrave that on stone.

Mum Mum Ma – Loving Mommyhood 🙂

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  1. I’ve heard that taking a year off is very helpful for the child and the mom. I wish more single moms were afforded this opportunity!

  2. So great that you were able to be home with your baby. Such a hard job but so rewarding. Good luck when going back to work!

  3. Great post. This was so sweet to read on a busy Monday morning. That’s amazing you got the time off to enjoy your little one. Babies are blessings and there’s nothing better than family – work is secondary.

  4. This is wonderful!
    More mothers should do this!
    Hope the transition is easy for you.

  5. I absolutely love this! When I was pregnant with my son, my husband and I made the decision that I’d stay home with him while he was small. Best decision ever! I wouldn’t trade those moments or memories for anything. Its not for everyone, but it was the best choice for me and my family for sure!

  6. Ahhh! I’m so glad to hear you got to spend time with your little one! 🙂 I know it can be daunting to leave them in daycare :(. Good luck with going back to working!! One day at a time mama!! <3

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