Top 5 Home Remedies to Relieve Infant Gas

My granny used to say “all health related problems arise from tummy”. If you have healthy tummy, you are healthy as a horse. The same rule applies to babies as well. Infant gas can be extremely troublesome for both mom and the baby.

When babies are born and their delicate tummies are learning to digest, a lot of times they can experience pain due to gas.

Signs of Infant Gas

Gassy baby cry inconsolably. The are fussy and can’t sleep. They raise legs closer to tummies and cry while keeping their fists tightly closed.

Remedies for Infant Gas

As a child, I used to detest medicines and syrups. So, my mom came up with several home remedies and they mostly worked.

Following are few ideas borrowed from my mom and granny’s kitty. They have worked for me most of the times, I hope it does for you as well.

Exercise For Infant Gas

Following two exercises are great for easing gas in babies.

Give your baby tummy time. It doesn’t only help in strengthening baby’s neck and back muscle but it also helps releasing wind.

Bicycle motion is another exercise which has proven quite effective. Lay your baby on her back and start moving her legs in cycling motion.

Feeding While Infant has Gas

Trace back and write down what all you ate in last 24 hours, this is important if you are breastfeeding or pumping. First three months, try to eat as light as possible. Writing it down will help you chalk down what all your baby is not able to digest easily and plan your meals accordingly. Chances of baby being gassy is far less when you are breastfeeding and are careful with what you eat.

Bottle feeding, however, can cause gas more frequently, because of air in bottle and nipple. Since, I was supplementing my baby’s feeding with formula, finding the right kind of bottle became my prime motive. Dr Brown’s bottles are undoubtedly my favorite. They are difficult to clean and using them while traveling can be a bit of hassle but I don’t mind the work, as it helps my baby stay happy and relaxed.

Most importantly, don’t forget to burp your baby after every feeding, no matter how long it takes.

Kitchen Recipes

Three magical ingredients in kitchen are Cumin seeds (jeera in Hindi), Caromseeds (ajwain) and Asafoetida (heeng). These are easily available online as well as on any Indian grocery store.

Following are recipes for babies and mommies

Herbal Tea

Mommies, for first three months you can boils a pot of water with cumin seeds and carom seeds and consume it as much as possible. Carom seeds helps with digestion and if you are breastfeeding it will benefit your baby through you. Cumin seeds are not just good for digestion but also helps with generation of breast milk. So, together they will do wonders for you. Added benefit, it abstains your body to gain extra weight postpartum.

Homemade Ointment for Infant Gas

For babies, take a pinch of asafoetida and add a small spoon of water to it. It should neither be too thick nor too runny. Apply it on baby’s tummy and navel generously. This will help baby get rid of that painful gas.

Massage For Infant Gas

I also recommend massaging your baby everyday. Massaging their tummy and light exercises not only helps baby relax but is also good to keep gas away.

Gripe Water

My son’s pediatrician gave green light to Gripe Water. If, your doctor also agrees, it is a wonderful homeopathic syrup for babies. I have seen it instantly calm my baby.

If despite trying these tricks your baby’s pain is not relieved, best is to take her to doctor. Whenever, I am panicking or confused my husband always tell me trust your instincts. According to him a mom’s instincts are never wrong and he has been right about it. In the end, follow your instincts, trust yourself and act accordingly. And yes… don’t forget to breathe.

Love and Mommyhood

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