It’s Okay New Mommies, Just Breath!

For generations women have been working round the clock, through out the year; be it day or night. Earlier, it was an absolutely thankless job but these days it is sugarcoated by terms like Supermoms or the real “hero” or something else to glorify the same thankless tasks she has been performing. Running around on her toes for her kids, husband, relatives or work. She is not allowed to slip or forget. She is quick to be judged, and then labeled. Therefore, today I just want to tell all my fellow women that it’s okay. Especially, if you are a new mom because life is not the same and will never be again but it’s okay! It’s okay new mommies!

It’s Okay New Mommies!

It’s okay! If you are tired to your bones and you want your husband to put your baby to sleep for a change. New mommies need to sleep as well.

It’s okay… if you are overwhelmed seeing the long list of work emails that needs to be sorted and you decided to call it a night.

It’s okay… if you just want to sit and surf lamest content on social media or just switch between couple of apps after spending whole day on your toes taking care of office and household. As a first time mom, believe me, this break is important for our sanity.

It’s okay… to have a headache and cringe when you are doing your best but your baby has decided to fight the sleep and take the road to crankyville.

It’s okay… to want twenty minutes of quiet in your whole day. Twenty minutes when you are not constantly keeping an ear towards your baby to check if he is up or if he is crying or something else.

It’s okay… to want to enjoy your daily shower no matter how quick it is, without feeling all hell is breaking lose where your baby is sleeping.

It’s okay… to forget returning a call or reply a message, when you have been feeding, changing diapers, playing, soothing and putting baby to sleep on repeat.

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It’s okay… to leave the laundry and dishes undone.

In fact, It’s even okay… to feel guilty for feeling all of the above next day and pick up where you left.

It’s okay… to accept that motherhood is not easy but totally worth it. Even though all you feel is like an overwhelmed, tired, over worked, crazed, messed up hair, weird clothes wearing zombie walking the rooms of your house.

It’s okay… to be all this and still be a fantastic mother. Your baby doesn’t need a perfect shiny and all smiley person. Your baby needs a real person. Who has to teach them about all good and bad in life. Who can teach them to take all negative emotions in stride. A person who can showcase how to live and enjoy goodness of the world along with greys that cover our lives. Teaching your child that life is nothing but just rainbows and unicorns is not going to help them. So, it’s okay to be what you want to be in that moment.

It’s okay to just be…

Mommies, just breathe

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  2. I love this so much. Becoming a mom can be so overwhelming. I think every mom needs to read these words. Thank you so much for sharing!

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