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When you are deprived of proper sleep for months at length. When you are almost reaching zombie like state. When you forget to comb your hair and don’t remember what a lip gloss looks like. When you wake up at an ungodly hour to feed your little one. When the world thinks you should have gone crazy by now and you somewhat agree but your mind has a mind of its own. At 3am it is humming baby rhymes. I am in love with my son’s musical toys.

Mommy’s Favorite Musical Toy

Itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout… down came the rain and washed the spider out ….


You tell your mind what is up with you and it instantly changes the station to

Pat a cake …pat a cake baker’s man … bake me a cake as fast as you can …


baby sleeping on white cotton

You laugh at yourself and look around. Your pup is looking at you quizzically in the dark, as if you have woken up to take him for a walk but looks disappointed and then disinterested and goes back to sleep when he doesn’t get the desired attention. On the other hand, your husband is sleeping peacefully, you again think to yourself “ will I ever get to sleep for even 5 hour at stretch?” In middle of all the thinking and rhyming done by your mind you look at your little one again. Tummy is full by now and all is well again in the world. He is off to his happy dream land. Those two innocent eyes are busy weaving dreams and blissful sleep for him. Your mind which I just told you has a mind of its own has again changed the station.

This time it is

I love you… I love you … you make my heart so bright … morning … noon and night

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Welcome!!! You have reached awesomely amazing stage of nirvana called motherhood. Nothing and I mean it absolutely nothing can ruin your mood ever when you are rhyming your way through motherhood…

Product Tip: Fisher Price has some amazing and affordable rhyming toys. Nothing calms your baby better than a happily rhyming puppy toy especially after your little one has had shots or in a restaurant while he is getting cranky or bored.

My little one doesn’t like to get diaper changed in public washrooms especially if they are not properly lit. These toys come in handy to calm him down and distract him. I have started carrying one of the books with me in diaper bag.

Remember Happy babies make Happy mommies and vice versa.

And yes… mom like to sing

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