Love and Mommyhood

It has been said time and again that each pregnancy is different but I would like to add here, so is each mother and their motherhood. We all want better than the best for our kids but definitions of the best might differ. So without judging, without questioning any mother I would like to share my blog and my experiences.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for me to research on subjects I know nothing about. I can even research on the best spatula if I need one. So, just imagine the extent of research I would have done and i am continuing to do before bringing a little human into this world and post that. I am sure every mother does it. All of us have our unique ways of dealing with unique situations we face while bringing up our little ones. These are my experiences. If any of you readers have your experiences or another way of tackling with the same situations do comment.

Like most of the dog people, my family’s evening routine is a long walk with their pup and partner. These walks usually consists of important topics to discuss. But all new parents know once you have a child the only topic of discussion is your baby. I remember telling my hubby dear that I wish we could live a minimalistic life to which he answered, which if now I think in retrospect is so true. He said “once you are married and have kids minimalism is just a day dream.”

We are all consumed by consumerism. So, might as well spend on things which are worth it or at least in my experience helps you and your little one. I strongly believe the toys, bouncers, cribs, clothes and all other accessories we buy are not for kids really. They are for us, WE parents. We wants toys to distract them from crying. We need bouncers to pacify them. And hundred of other objects to make our lives easy. There is no shame in needing help. They say it takes a village to raise a child but in the era of nuclear families mother has to be village in herself and these products are her ammunition.

So, in following days I am going to write my experiences with the products, which, I bought and how it helped me. May be it can be of help for anyone who is reading.

Me, myself and being a mom

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